Job Searching

Recommendation Letter

Letter of Recommendation and Template

Companies have job interviews with the applicants and they demand for a letter of recommendation from them to decide whether they are suitable for...
Job Interview

Why Should We Hire You?

The most critical question of job interviews is "Why should we hire you?". It is a lock question. Human Resources Specialists give too much...

Resignation Letter and Samples

You decided to leave your job and you want to write a professional resignation letter. But you don't know how you will make it....
Successful job interview with boss and employee handshaking

Customer Service and Customer Representative

If you are customer representative, you have an intensive job. You have to be patiently because you are always in communication with lots of...
Phone Job Interview

Phone Interview Questions and Answers

Job interviews are made in different standards. You should be ready for expressing yourself best in all conditions. Some firms want to invite you...

Preparing A Great LinkedIn Profile

To create an effective LinkedIn profile is an unimportant issue for lots of people. But LinkedIn is an important job resource. If you have...
STAR Technique

Star Technique For Interviews

STAR Technique is a method which is used by lots of institutions about recruitment issue, STAR word includes techniques which is used for job...

Reference List and Important Points

Human Resources Specialists or managers or employers don't examine just your experiences and qualifications. You can be sure they want to learn how you...

Thank You Letter After Interview

Influence of Thank You Letter Nowadays, thank you letter has an important role to get a job. Human Resources Specialists has lots of interview to...