Resignation Letter and Samples


You decided to leave your job and you want to write a professional resignation letter. But you don’t know how you will make it. Whatever you have as a reason, it is quietly important to abide by some rules while you are preparing a resignation letter.

If you work in that company for long time, it is so stressed process to leave from there. But you may have important reasons.

How to Write a Resignation Letter?

    • Resignation letter should be basic and short.
    • It is necessary for you to specify your starting date of employment, last day when you will come to work, name of the position that you are working and a little expression about why you are leaving your job, a kindly and short thank you note.
    • You should write your resignation letter addressing to Human Resources Specialist, General Directorate or authorized manager.
    • It is quietly important the used language and tone which are used in resignation letters.
    • If you are resigning as planned, you should offer your letter to┬áHuman Resources Specialist, General Directorate or authorized manager 15 days ago.
    • When you work in a company less than 6 months, you should give your resignation letter 2 weeks ago.
    • If you work in a company between 6 months – 1,5 years, you should give your resignation letter 4 weeks ago.
    • When you work in a company between 1,5 years – 3 years, you should give your resignation letter 6 weeks ago.
    • If you work in a company between more than 3 years, you should give your resignation letter 8 weeks ago.
    • Before leaving your job, you should complete your works which are rest.
    • If the person who will come after you, is specified, you should teach your work to him or her, and you should transfer your works, which are rest, to him or her. It will pay dividends to the person who will come after you.
    • Thank your manager because of his or her contribution to you.
    • Take leave from your colleagues.
    • Don’t forget to record people who will be important for you in the future, on your phone. It is important to have some people who you can take reference.
    • Give your contact number, e-mail address and all of your communication information. So, they can reach you when they have any problem.
    • Even if all conservations are made by e-mail today, to deliver your resignation letter by hand is a more professional approach.
    • You should use a positive tone in your resignation letter. You shouldn’t criticize your job and your employer in your letter. But you should write completely why you want to resign and why you want to leave your job. If you want to leave your job because of some negative events, you should specify this situation with a kindly tone. Otherwise, your employer may not be a reference for you.
    • Your letter should describe your problem directly. You don’t need to beat around bush.

Some Reasons of Resignation

If you want to resign, you certainly have a reason.

  1. A New Job Offer: Maybe you took a job offer and its conditions are better than your available job. Of course, you should choose the best selection for you. In your resignation letter, you describe this situation to your boss and you leave your job. You start your new job.
  2. Education: Maybe you want to go on your education. It is your right. You write about this situation in your resignation letter and you can start your school life.
  3. Health Reasons: You may have health problems so you have to leave your job. It is a normal situation. Don’t forget that you are not just one person who has health problems and also resigns from his or her job. Be relax!
  4. Appointment: You are a woman and your husband is appointed to another city. You have to go with him. So, you prepare your resignation letter and you resign from your job.
  5. Dissatisfaction: If you are not satisfaction from your job, from your salary, from your working place, from your boss, from your colleagues, etc., you can leave your job.

What Should You Think Before Resignation?

If you are a loved, adopted person, a good worker in your workplace and even if your managers are glad of you, they will make offers for you not to leave from your job and not to lose you. At least, they will want to learn the reason why you leave or they will make effort for you not to go. You can come across offers like rise in salary, fringe benefits, short – dated permission, promotions. You should be sure that you give your certain decision and you should think offers and plan before. According to all of them, you should give your resignation letter.

An Example of Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter
A Resignation Letter Example – thebalancecareers.com

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