What is Situational Interview?

There are many kinds of interviews nowadays. Interviewers try to eliminate some candidates on the base of their qualifications in order to recruit the candidates. Some people come across behavioral interviews to find jobs, while situational interview is another option for them. However, interviewers assess your answers in these interviews and make decision whether you are an appropriate candidate or not. Situational interviews are more different than the other types in that candidates come across various situations to sort the problems out. Their reaction to each situation is assessed by the interviewers in detail and they measure your problem solving ability in a short time. Therefore, this passage emphasizes what situational interview is, how you should answer and example questions and answers.

Definition of Situational Interview

Situational interview is a kind of technique in that interviewers ask directly questions that include business related activities, possible matters and situations.  By means of this technique, they would like to learn their ability to overcome some problems that you come across possibly. Besides, it might be difficult due to its having stressful circumstances. However, it is not the product of imaginary situation. On the other hand, it has realistic feature.

How to Answer These Questions

It is important to answer these questions by mini anecdotes that you have experienced before. That is to say, you can share your experiences towards these questions. Besides, you can utter your prosperous solutions that are useful to sort them out.

What Was Problem?

Please tell what the situation was before. For example, you experienced a financial problem because of an accountant. Thus, you can talk about your position in previous occupation. What was your job? Beginning to say your role in the company, you can say that you have achieved to control over the last mistakes on the calculations of selling the products. Thus, you were able to help your colleagues to sell many more products by true calculations. It was because of you. You can utter these kinds of experiences by sharing an experience you had before. If you hadn’t revised on the calculations, there would be a economic crisis that is inevitable to overcome.

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Situational Interview

What Did You Do?

You can tell about your struggles on the calculations for days. For example, I called general manager and accountants for several days. I also didn’t do home to revise all the calculations there. I checked them all. Even so, I achieved to save our company from crisis by struggling to control over documents. Besides, all the products needed to be changed in financially. Some colleagues of mine assisted me to change each product’s costs, too. Thus, we achieved our goals.

What is The End?

Talk about the fact that your struggles resulted in good circumstances by saying in detail. For instance, all of the sales went in doubled in that year. By means of this way, I achieved to hinder one’s dismissal too. Sales were going well. And also all the economical problems disappear through this way. Nobody had difficulty in making money in XYZ Company soon.

Give these examples to show that you are matching with the job position. Believe yourself and keep your self-confidence by means of professional attitude. It will give you the opportunity to overcome such a situational interview prosperously.

Examples of Questions and Answers

There are some examples of situational questions and answers below. It is worthy of reading.

  • Your Employer Had a Mistake, How Would You React to This Situation?

Actually, it is a rare situation the people have faced. Since, bosses generally don’t make mistakes. But provided that I come across such a situation, I would keep my gentleness and try to speak with him politely. It mustn’t break the bridges between him and me. Since, I don’t want to break his heart. Mr. Black, Could you please not ignore this detail by behaving like this? It might lead to negative circumstances in the future by giving examples. You could have ignored but I would like to remind you some points about this issue. I do thank you so much for your attention.

  • Explain a Troublesome Situation, How Did You Achieve It?

I am a sales manager, so I came across numerous people having troubles. They don’t enjoy the products easily. Thus, I began a campaign for some customers who can be problematic. Besides, I invited them to come to our store to depict how our products work well. It was a vacuum cleaner. Thus, we filled a specific area with dust.And also we began to use our vacuum cleaner on the dusty floors. In a short time, dust disappeared. Therefore, all the customers admired our products and they would like to purchase them immediately. There were also people who ordered two ones for their relatives or friends. And our boss congratulated me after these sales due to fact that our sales increased in a short time.

Consequently, all the questions are to measure your problem solving ability along with your patience, tolerance and creativity. It will be important step to depict how a strong candidate you are for the job position. Besides, they will be able to understand your skills through magical questions. It must not make you frustrated or worried, but you should be sure about yourself and your experiences. Sharing an experience with the interviewers by means of creative statements will enable you to open new doors for your career life. Situational interviews are opportunities in that you show an experienced profile for the employers. Chase after problems, since it has already had a solution to sort!