Why Do You Want This Position?

As you know that there are many questions you may come across during an interview. One of these questions is Why Do You Want This Position? You may think that it is easy to answer there; however, it is the question to eliminate the candidates effectively. Since, it is beneficial to understand each detail about yourself. They can anticipate how you are eager to work in this job. Besides, how you can contribute to the company in an effective way. Thus, it is possible to come across this question. Although it is common question, you should think it twice before seeing an interviewer with a solid preparation. Thus, this passage expresses why you come across this question with an employers’ eyes, how to answer it and best examples to answer this question.

Why Do You Want This Position?

Interviewers and employers have a great correlation with each other especially in the period of recruitment. Employers would like to work with the people who are eager, productive, skillful, organizer, well- educated, problem -solver. Thus, interviewers try to understand whether the candidates possess these features or not. That is why, they ask this question. Besides, they would like to learn what a candidate contributes to the company, why we should choose this candidate. They struggle to sort the question marks out in a short time of interview. It is possible to ask such a question Why Do You Want This Position?

How to Answer This Question?

There are some important points you should focus on while answering this question. You should answer it in order that you can easily sort the question marks out on their brains.  That is why, you should prepare the statements before an interview.

Read Articles

To begin with, you should look for some articles that the company, which opens the position, published before. You should try to understand what they are working for, what they need to do, what their mission is. Reading their articles will give you some ideas how to answer this question. For example, you can explain that their articles are so instructive that everybody will be able to learn many things. Besides, you can add that you follow all the articles the company publish every month, or every week, which enables you to shape your statements during the interview.

Follow Social Media

You should also look for the social media address to understand their mission and style of working. This is important step too. Thus, it will give you the chance to follow all the seminars and teaching programs in a close way. And so, you can say that you follow all the developments of the company regularly. Besides, you can give some examples by utilizing these developments in the interview. Therefore, they will be able to understand that you are strict follower of this company to work.

Explain You Are Suitable

It is one of the most significant steps that you should carry it out. You should explain the skills that match with the requirements on the job posting. That is to say, what you need to do is reading all the requirements watchfully. And then you should give much importance to your statements by highlighting these skills. For instance, when you see communication skills on the job posting, you can transform it into your advantage by giving examples of your previous job position. It will be effective way to give the impression on the interviewers.

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Why Do You Want – gettyimages.fi

Why You May Be Advantage?

It is one of crucial steps to show your contribution to the companies. Explain that you advantage, so why? What can you do for the company to improve? What is your aim to make the company to the top? What can you carry out in the company? That is to say, you will give details about how you will work for the company.


Please answer this question regardless of money you will get, hours you work and personal choices. Since, these explanations drive you to be worse candidates in their minds.  That is to say, you are seeing an interviewer to prove your skills and features not to talk about the salary or strict hours you work for. It might be an awful impression for them. On the other hand, interview is the atmosphere to depict your achievement during career life. Or else, interview will reach to different and unexpected dimensions.

Examples of Answers

There have been some examples to show your eagerness to work in the company below. You can follow these examples and prepare your statements on the base of these examples.

  • I want this position because it is about the sales. I would like to work in such a department, too. Since I believe that I can achieve this as I did in my previous job. Besides, I increased the rates of sales to the top in the previous company. And I will be able to do the same thing in this company, too.
  • I want this position to teach the students in the kindergarten. I love the pupils at the age of 4 or 5. Thus, I will have great time with them by teaching foreign language as I did in my previous job. They show affection me too much. The same thing will happen here too.
  • I read all the articles on the website. It was fantastic to learn new things about this position. Besides, you have some teaching programs about administration. That is why, it affects me too much. I would like to work with you. I do thank you so much.
  • I always admired your mission for years. I would like to assess this chance to work with you. Since, you bring about new developments to the society. This is an immense chance for me to work in this company.


All in all, you can understand that the question of Why Do You Want This Position measures many candidates’ skills, qualifications, contributions, competences. Thus, you should be well prepared before the interview about this question. You should think over it at least twice to answer professionally. Show your self- confidence along with the skills you have. Hope for new doors to open as soon as possible.