Letter of Recommendation and Template

Companies have job interviews with the applicants and they demand for a letter of recommendation from them to decide whether they are suitable for that position or not. They have job interviews and they make some test for the applicants. Finally, they want a recommendation letter.

The real reason of the request is to test correction of the information which is given by the applicants during job interviews. It is a certain information that the future performance is related closely to the historical performance in psychology. While companies listen the applicant’s historical experiences from him or her, they prefer to be proved these experiences, characteristics, etc. by someone.

Advantages of Recommendation Letter

  • That provides saving on time for both the person, will write the letter, and the applicant.
  • It abolishes the risk which can not be reached the person,will give a reference by the new employer.
  • That can be examined again because of a written document.
  • It reflects well the information which the writer of the letter will mention about.
  • The applicant can have information which is written about himself or herself.

From Whom Should A Recommendation Letter Be Demanded?

  1. If you have a job experience, you can demand from your old bosses or your old colleagues or co-workers for a recommendation letter.
  2. You have to have work with him or her who will give a reference for you.
  3. He or she who will give a reference should know you well and know your characteristics.
  4. You should have a positive and well relationship with that person who will write a recommendation letter for you.
  5. The person who will give a reference to you, should be a confidential person for everyone.

Clues for Demanding of a Letter of Recommendation

  • Demand from the person who knows you well and can have positive ideas for you.
  • Emphasize that he or she who will give a reference to you, will not be disturbed in the future days because of the letter of recommendation.
  • Prepare a document which includes your experiences, educational background, successes and your awards, and give it to the person who will give a reference to you. It will get easy his or her work.
  • Give necessary time to the person who will give a reference to you because of noting be hurried up.
  • While you are leaving from the workplace which you work for long time, demand for a recommendation letter from some people who can write it for you in the future. So, they can write your successes, performance, experiences, personal features and habits without forgetting.

Clues for Writing of a Letter of Recommendation

  • Don’t write any recommendation letter for someone who you don’t know well and you don’t like their performances and you don’t want to advice for some places, not to write a recommendation letter is better than to write an unreal recommendation letter.
  •  You should mention that how relationship you have with the person who you write a recommendation letter with him or her, when he or she work in your company and his or her title clearly.
  • Mention about the responsibilities which that person has in his or her position in detail.
  • Write about contributes and development of that person who you write a recommendation letter for, during working in your company.
  • Mention about the person’s features which are related to the position’s characteristics.
  • Specify why the person leave from his or her job in your company.
  • Write about which positions in your company the person will be more successful.
  • Add your communication information to be able to make a contact with you.

A Recommendation Letter Template

Contact Information
Company or School Name
City, State Zip Code


Salutation (*If you know the person’s name, you can use “Dr, Mr. or Mrs.” as your salutation. But if you don’t know, you use “To Whom It May Concern” as a formal salutation.)

First Paragraph (In the first paragraph, you should write why you are writing this recommendation letter, who you are, where you know this person whom you are writing for a reference letter, how you know him or her.)

Second Paragraph (In the second paragraph, you should write about why he or she is suitable for that position, what he or she can contribute, why your advice him or her.)

Third Paragraph (In the third paragraph, you have to write about how successful worker he or she is, how he or she has skills which are related to the job’s features.)

Conclusion (In the final paragraph, thank to the person and write your contact information, phone number, e-mail address, etc.)



Recommender Name
Email Address
Phone Number