Interview Types and Clues

What is interview and why is it necessary in business life? Actually, you should think interview as an opportunity offering your personal and academic information to the employer or Human Resources Specialist or the authority. With an interview, you can have a chance to have information about the company and position which you apply for. Recruitment process can change from company to other company, from occupation to other occupation. This process is related to personal need.

Every interview can have a different style and also a different time. While recruitment decision is given with just one interview in some companies, some companies make lots of interviews after the first interview.

Explanation Interviews

You come across these questions in such interviews:

  • Can you introduce yourself? / Tell me about yourself, please. In this question, you can describe your business life, work experiences. You can also mention about your skills and you offer some examples. After all of them, you can describe your dream business life.
  • Why do you want to work here? In this question, you should show your information about that company. Try to be specific.
  • What are your aims in your business life? You should say firstly you want to make your occupation as a professional. Don’t specify a position and you say that you are open to more quality position opportunities.
  • Who is your hero? You shouldn’t say that you don’t have any hero in your life. The authority’s aim is to learn features that you give value. The name who you gave, should be the person who you gave value.
  • Why should we hire you? Describe the features which you think that they are necessary for the job by linking to your skills. But you should be careful not to be contradictory. Then say your good features like working for long hours, love of learning, your effort.
  • What are your values? You can say an educational place, teamwork, honesty, trueness, trust, etc.
  • Do you have any aims which you specify yourself? Certainly, don’t say “No!” Describe that you specify aims yourself and you try to reach them. You can give an example to such situation.
  • Do you have any question? You shouldn’t say “No!” You can ask these questions:
  1. Can you give any example to a teamwork in this company?
  2. What should I know about the strategic plan of this company?
  3. What are your expectations from me in the first month if you accept me for this job?
  4. Can you mention about intra-unit education programs?

Psychological Interviews

People are afraid of psychological interviews. The aim of this interview is to know applicants and to specify your reactions in some situations. Most of questions will be related to your history and your aims. Other questions will be related to your work experiences. If a psychologist will take you an interview, you shouldn’t forget that you should be yourself.

Simulation Interviews

If an employer or an authority or Human Resources Specialist wants a presentation or a program or an unreal selling, it is a simulation interview. For example; if you are a teacher, certainly you are subjected to this interview.

Stress Interviews

Stress interviews are mostly used in the fields of banking and finance. The aim is to see the applicant’s reaction in a bad, stressful situation.

Questions You Can Ask During Your Interview

Types of Interview

There are six types of interview.

  • Screening Interview: The aim is to separate applicants from each other faster and fluently. The most fundamental skills are important. In the end of such interviews, a list is taken off by Human Recourses Specialist and interview process goes on.
  • Phone Interview: It is mostly used in screening interviews. Sometimes these interviews are recorded and other authorities listen them and give a decision.
  • Computer Interview: This type of interview includes giving an answer to multiple choice questions. Your answers help the employer whether he meets with you or not. If you are in a creative sector, computer interviews can be made upon example projects.
  • Video Interview: Interview is made in the media place. Especially, if the applicant and employer are in different countries, this type of interview is mostly used.
  • Tiered Interview: In this type of interview, applicant makes interview with more than one employer. It takes for some days or months.
  • Group Interview: In group interviews, applicants can show their personal qualifications by separating from other applicants. There are lots of applicants and the employer gives a duty to them or opens a discussion subject. Then, he or she evaluates applicants while they are making their duty or their discussion.