What is a Resignation Letter Template?

What is a resignation letter template?

Finding a job, any person plans to earn well and climb the career ladder. But not always these plans will come true. If the work does not suit you for some reason, you can change it, having resigned from your previous job and finding yourself a new worthy occupation.

In general, a letter of resignation is a document that expresses the will, the desire of the author, his attitude towards the resignation procedure. In turn, the resignation letter template is a ready-made form of a letter to which it is necessary to enter personal data to the applicant at the same time such a template has full legal force.

Resignation Letter Template

What is the procedure for resigning using a resignation letter template?

  • The relationship between the employer and the employee is based on the balance of interests regulated by the provisions of the Labor Code.
  • This law establishes that the employment contract can be terminated by agreement of the parties, at the initiative of the employee or employer.
  • In addition, the employment contract can be terminated at the end of its term, due to circumstances beyond the control of the parties or due to various violations.
  • Thus, the letter of resignation for which the template can be used is the termination of the employment contract at the initiative of the employee, to which he has the full right under the current legislation.
  • To resign from work on your own, you just need to file a letter of resignation addressed to the head, created with a template.

Resignation Letter Template

What should be noted in the resignation letter template?

Today, there is a large selection of templates of letters of resignation, which can be used for various reasons for dismissal. However, regardless of the reasons that caused the employee to leave his previous place of work, there are several points that should be indicated in the resignation letter template of any kind and type.

To create an application requires paper size A4 (8.3 x 11.7 inches). A template can be used both to create a letter that will be transmitted from hand to hand, and for writing in electronic form.

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The template should contain information about the applicant (name, title, company name, telephone) and the addressee (the list of information is the same). Then the main text of the letter should be followed, in which you notify the employer about the resignation, the date of the planned resignation, the reasons (it is not necessary to indicate). At the end of the letter you must write the date of compilation and a personal signature.

Where to find the resignation letter template?



Today it is not so difficult to find a template. For this you can use a computer or any other device with an Internet connection connected, any browser and search engine. All ready-made resignation letter template you can download to your computer or fill out the form on the website and after printing.