Professional Thank You Letter, Types and Samples

When you are glad from something like an interview, a decision, a situation, you apply for writing a thank you letter. Actually, thank you letter is very important factor in relationships. To send it is a quietly kind behavior. Your partner would be pleased to you. He or she doesn’t regret because he or she spends time with you.

8 Types of Thank You Letter

  1. Job Interview Thank You Letter: One of the most important steps in job interview is to attract notice of the employer or Human Resources Specialist or manager and to thank because he or she spends his or her time with you. Don’t forget that recruitment decision is given quickly and you have to be punctual in this process. With your thank you letter, you can be one step ahead from others in job interviews. In your thank you letter, you can summarize your skills, but firstly you should specify your method and and you have to be careful your timing.
  2. Thank You Letters For References and Recommendations: If you need a reference and a person writes it to you, you should send a thank you letter to him or her. It means that you are glad of his or her letter. You show your pleasure with your letter.
  3. Professional Appreciation Letters: Whatever you do, it is important to be able to give value and to be able to feel value which is given by someone to you. As a person, we always want to be appreciated when we make a good job, when we have an achievement at school or business life, etc. If you want to appreciate someone, you can send an appreciation letter.
  4. Thank You Letters in Business: In business relationships, it is always advantageous to be kind. After a business meeting or a business program, to send a thank you letter is a good behavior and it shows that you give value to the other company.
  5. Thank You Letter to Employee: Employees always send thank you letter to their bosses. But employers can sometimes send thank you letters to employees. So, they can appreciate their employees.
  6. E-mail Thank You Messages: If you want to send your thank you letter, you can use web. You can send your letter by e-mail. But you shouldn’t add a subject to your e-mail thank you letter. What can you write in your subject? Of course, you should write your name and surname and your e-mail’s topic, thank you letter. If you don’t write them, your e-mail message may not be seen in the inbox of the authority.
  7. Handwritten Thank You Note: Handwritten messages is more attractive than e-mail messages. And handwritten messages are more valuable because you give more effort to write them than e-mail messages. Handwritten messages can take some time. But if you have time, you can be sure that you can make an impression on the authority or Human Resources Specialist or manager or employer with your handwritten thank you message.
  8. Networking Letters: If you are entrepreneur, you can have easily a network. Network is a social platform. By sending a thank you letter after a meeting or an interview, you can lay the foundations of your network.

Professional Thank You Letter Sample

If you want to write a professional thank you letter, you can use this format while you are writing your thank you letter.

Thank You Letter
Thank You Letter –        

Important Clues to Use in Your Thank You Letter

  • Don’t ask question! 

In your thank you letter, you shouldn’t ask questions about your job interview. Because Human Resources Specialist, manager or employer waits you to just thank to them. If you ask questions, you deviate from your aim.

  • Don’t repeat your mistakes!

For example; if you are late for the job interview, apologize for that situation in that time. Don’t write anything about that situation in your thank you letter.

  • Don’t pay a compliment!

To pay a compliment is one of mistakes which are often made. It is not a suitable behavior form so you should be careful in this subject.

  • Don’t talk about salary and other benefits!

If you want them to accept for that job, while you are writing your thank you letter, don’t talk about salary and other benefits. If you make so, you lose your chance.

  • Don’t mention about your hopelessness!

You shouldn’t mention about your hopelessness in your thank you letter. It isn’t a platform that you can mention about your job need even if you can talk about your job interview.