What Is A Customer Service?

A customer service is a connection between the customers and the the company. Customer service is used before, during or after the purchase. Having a customer service helps the company seem loyal and trustful. The customer knows that if he/she has a problem with the product, he/she will get help and support from the company. There won’t be a problem with the connection after they pay money for the product.

Why Is A Customer Service  Important?

Nowadays, almost every organization has a customer service. It can be by phone call or e-mail. But that is the question: ‘Is it good or bad? ‘It is known by all of us that keeping the existing customers are cheaper than finding the new ones. Using a good customer service is an effective way of advertising your products or showing how you deal with the problems. The customers want someone to listen to them and solve their problems effectively. If a customer service can do this, the customer thinks that the company is reliable and they can buy something from that company again and again. But if the company has a bad customer service and it is unable to solve the customer’s problems, then that will be the situation: The customer thinks that ‘I had a mistake and spent my money on a trash, I will never do this again. This company is nothing more than a trash. ‘And the customer will probably tell his friends and family about this bad experience. Or the worst one: this bad advertisement will be on social media which means that everyone will think that your company is cheater.

Then what can you do to have a good customer service. Here are some tips:

1.Show Empathy Towards Your Customers.

When a customer calls for a complaint about the product, show empathy. Be in their shoes and feel what they feel. Don’t argue with them, that will make the situation worse.

2.Show Courtesy.

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Talking kindly shows your respect to yourself and the customer. No one can blame someone if he is talking or listening to him politely. Don’t forget that courtesy costs nothing to you but it buys everything. Losing a customer will cause losing money so you should think before you speak.

3.Follow Up

If a company follows if the customer is happy with what he ordered, it gives a chance to be more customer-oriented.

4.Be Prompt.

It is very important for a customer to be able to connect with the company when he is in need. If it takes too long to have a response for the problem, the customer will be unhappy and it makes you seem unreliable.

The customers don’t forget the service they required so the company should give high importance to the customer service. Poor customer service can kill your sales but a great customer service will give you a chance for having a good reputation even it solves the smallest problems.

Nowadays most of the companies compete on customer services, it provides them to know the customers’ experiences with the products. The company can see which products are causing problems or which ones aren’t. So they can take precautions, too.

A good customer service can give the company feedbacks about their products. In brief it is a chance both for the companies and the customers.