Finding a Good Job

Maybe you cannot receive feedback from your job interviews. It is so annoying! If you want to find a new job immediately, what should you do?

If you are unemployed, to find a job is so stressed and annoying process. You apply for job applications but you cannot receive any feedback. You are getting upset and you lose your hopes. But, you should close your ears to negative talking and think positively.

What should you do before you look for a job?

Things to Do Before Looking for a Job

  • Notice your strengths, weaknesses and skills, successes,
  • Specify your short-middle-long term aims and tow them,
  • Write your CV according to your aims and tow it,
  • Focus on your improvement and increase your skills and improve yourself,
  • Prepare for second plan,
  • Prepare for job interviews,
  • Focus on job applications.

What can you do except for above-mentioned items?

Decide What You Want

Before starting to find a new job, you should decide what you want. If you cannot decide or think it, you may not glad of a job that you start to work. Maybe the department that you studied, doesn’t make you happy. It isn’t too late. But you should find a sector that will make you happy.

Don’t Have Blinders On!

To say that I am unemployed, will not solve your problem. You don’t need to judge your country. Don’t have blinders on! You can see successful people in your country. If they are so successful and they have a good job in your country, of course you can have a good job. But you shouldn’t wait so much. After your graduation, you cannot find a job immediately. But you can make a search on web about world trends, business life.

Use Internet!

Internet offers such good opportunities to you nowadays. You can obtain your income from internet. Or you can use internet to find a job. You cannot give your CV by going to a company. You should prepare your CV on internet and it reaches to more companies. Internet is a good material to find a job and it is also a good material to earn money. There are lots of ways to earn money on internet. You can create a job model like to make e-trade, to create a blog, Google advertisements, to invest, etc. You can invest on Forex marketing and you can earn money comfortably.

Use Social Media Effectively!

If you want to work in a corporate firm, you can follow their shares. Also, you should be careful of your shares. They represent you, you can give ideas about your personal brand.

Be Sociable!

When you make a job application, try to reach that job’s Human Resources Specialist or manager. Maybe you know someone in that company and it makes your job easier. If you don’t reach Human Resources Department, you can send an e-mail to them about your job application. While sending e-mail, it is important that you make them feel that you make that job and you are suitable for this job.