Phone Interview Questions and Answers


Job interviews are made in different standards. You should be ready for expressing yourself best in all conditions. Some firms want to invite you to their offices or some of them prefer to make the interview on phone. You have to be ready for these two types of job interviews.

Necessary Factors on Phone Job Interview

These are some necessary factors on phone job interviews.


You should always be accessible. If you are not accessible, you can be eliminated by lots of firms immediately. So, you have generally just one chance and you should evaluate it so well.

Break into A Conservation

In a phone job interview, lots of questions are asked. Before you start to answer these questions, you should wait for your turn. You should wait and you should offer your answer after Human Resources Specialist or employer or manager completes his or her speaking. While you are starting to phone job interview, firstly thank the authority for calling you. This situation will be one step ahead from others. Besides that, you can express that their calling is a source of pride and you feel proud from their calling. It will be quietly effective entry speaking. When you complete your speaking, don’t forger expressing that you are waiting for the reply curiously. It will show how you give importance to the job. Also, you can create a positive sense on Human Resources Specialist or employer or manager.

Proper Response

You should give the most suitable response to Human Resources Specialist or employer or manager. You have to offer the most suitable response without digressing of the question which is asked.

Short and Brief

You should talk shortly and briefly. On phone, questions are asked to you. Their aim is to invite the best applicants. By giving short and brief responses to questions which are asked on phone, you have to prove that you can communicate effectively without losing time.

Be Polite

Firms which communicate with you, can set the first impression without seeing you. You can express how you are a person with your voice tone, diction and speaking style. If you talk kindly and energetically, it will be effective for you about creating a positive result. Also, you should fix your voice tone.


You should talk on phone in a quiet place. Because so many noises can make concentration difficult. If you talk in a quiet place, you and your partner can understand well and clearly each other.

Do Them and Don’t Do Them on Phone Job Interview!

Do Them!

  • Prepare a talking place where is suitable for you.

Before interview, prepare a well place to talk with Human Resources Specialist or employer or manager. You should be sure that your phone line or Skype connection is well. Your room should be silent.

  • Make an examination about company and position which you applied.

Firstly, look at company’s website. Have information about company’s mission, vision and aims. Then learn the scope of position which you applied. You have to know all details of the position and company and also you have to show your information about them on phone job interview.

  • Think about questions which are able to asked to you.

Be ready hard questions! You should prepare for them. So, you can give more clear and better answers.

  • Be ready for sharing your success stories.

You should be ready for sharing your success stories. Human Resources Specialist or employer or manager will ask your strengths and weaknesses. Prepare such questions and prepare your responses before.

  • Express that why they should choose you.

You have to prove that you are suitable for that position. Human Resources Specialist or employer or manager want to make correction your information in your CV or resume.

Don’t Do Them!

  • Don’t reply with just one word.

You should set sentences. Human Resources Specialist or employer or manager wants to listen you. They want to learn how you express yourself, how you can talk. You have to be active, energetic.

  • Don’t be stubborn.

Talk clearly, shortly and briefly. Don’t use unnecessary words. Focus just on your response. After you give your response, ask to Human Resources Specialist or employer or manager “Could I reply your question?” to be sure that you can express.

  • Don’t hurry up!

Whatever you have an aim, firstly you should focus on your role which you have a job interview. You should show your eager and your wish to work in that job. Firstly, focus on to be offered that job, then talk about your salary.

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