Job Searching

Cover Letter

Cover Letter Format And Little Tips For You

You know that while you are looking for a new job, to have a well-prepared resume or CV is how important. But resume or...
Fashion Design

How to Be a Successful Fashion Designer

To be a fashion designer can be a job like a dream. Beautiful fabrics, colors and clothes. Like other jobs, this job also has...
Problem Solving -

What are Problem Solving Skills ?

Many employers look for the candidates who are skillful in each area. Some of them eliminate the people who have problem solving skills. Thus,...
Reference Letter

Reference Letter Examples

A reference letter is an important factor to be accepted to the job which we applied. It describes our skills, work experiences and someone's...

What Is Active Listening? What are the benefits?

Most of people might have some skills such as active listening. It is such an important step that it provides much participation to the...
About resume

How to Create a Professional Resume?

The first step to find a job is a professional resume which is prepared. You should see your resume as your advertisement instead of...
Interview Types

Interview Types and Clues

What is interview and why is it necessary in business life? Actually, you should think interview as an opportunity offering your personal and academic...
Resignation Letter

Types of Writing Resignation Letter

What is a resignation letter? Resignation letter is a type of letter that when you decide to resign from the company, you write. If you...
Email Format -

How to Write a More Effective Email? (6+ Tips & Email Format Example)

There are many people who don’t give much significance to writing e mails while they are sending some documents for the job position. They...
A Job Interview

Behavioral Job Interview Questions

In behavioral interview questions, the aim of employer or Human Resources Specialist or authority is to learn how you act while you come across...