What are Problem Solving Skills ?

Many employers look for the candidates who are skillful in each area. Some of them eliminate the people who have problem solving skills. Thus, they make some researches about whether candidates have problem solving skill or not. That’s why the candidates should improve some strategies about problem solving. They should give a new dimension to their skillful characteristic by giving much importance to this skill. You can anticipate that it is an important skill that an employee should possess such skills provided that he wants to have a stable occupation. Since, the employees come across new problems about different issues. Thus, all the employees should be ready to overcome all the obstacles with their own practicalities easily. This passage mentions about definition of problem solving skill, kinds of problems in work, stages of problem solving and instructions about depiction of your skill.

Definition of Problem Solving

It is one of the most significant soft skill in which the people behave in a sensible way towards the obstacles and problems they face during the career. It is skill that the people improve this skill through the experiences and training. The more they face some obstacles in a work, the more abilities to solve the problems out in a practical way. Thus, the employers wish the candidates to have this skill which results in a new dimension to their career. That is to say, we can say that this skill opens the doors of new jobs to some extent. It assists the candidates to shape their future by means of this skill.

Kinds of Problems

There are basic problems a candidate can come across during their career.

Financial Problems: Some people come across financial problems in the job. Besides, it is important to learn what a candidate should do when these problems appear. It is not easy but a candidate can learn it by applying many solutions and experiences. An employee should decide what to do what route the company should follow in such circumstances.

Problem Solving - theblogtree.com
Problem Solving – theblogtree.com

Social Problems: These problems include the relations between the customer and employee. It is important to overcome such problems without depriving from his modest personality. Since, the employee should not ignore the reality in that he is bridge between the company and customer. He should deal with the problems in a reasonable way by means of many experiences with the customers.

Psychological problems: Some employees can have some problems such as depression, anxiety, moody disorders, panic attack, or social phobias. These obstacles should have the solution as the time passes. The solution of such problems is up to the employees’ eagerness and struggles. It is important to sort these out with the belief in themselves.

Stages of Problem Solving

There are stages to sort the problems out easily. It is vital to be aware of these steps.

Identification of Problem

It is the first stage in which an employee should identify what the problem is. He tries to define it with clear statements. It is important to explain it with some associations in the mind.

Determination of Causes

In this stage, an employee should specify the reasons of  a problem. He should anticipate why it stems from analytically. It is important to decide that there is a reasonable explanation between the cause and effect.

 Creation of a Solution

It is significant that an employee should find a suitable way to sort the problems out.  Besides, he should improve many ideas about the ways of solutions in case of a problem. He should produce and create advantageous ways to sort the obstacles out.

Appliance of Solution

One of the solutions can provide with many advantages. Employee should apply it once or twice. And then, he should observe all the process. At last, he decides whether it is beneficial or not.


After the solution of a problem he makes some assessments about it. How long did it take? Was it creative and did it provide practicality? Or should he use another way to solve the problem?  He should answer such questions with consciousness. At last he makes assessments about the process.

Assessment - kadin.com
Assessment – kadin.com

Employers’ Requirement

Why employers pay attention on problem solving skill of the candidates? It is vital step to learn. It is because they want to give the position as a deposit. And they want the employees to work in a proper way. Workers should overcome all the problems they come across. Besides, they want to eliminate the candidates regarding to what extent he can be producer of solutions.  Thus, they investigate the candidates on the base of problem solving ability. It can be a way to get through prosperous companies.

Depiction of Problem Solving

It is also important step that a candidate should pay attention. They should write in cover letter about this skill and they should mention about this skill in their resume. And also he or she should depict their problem solving ability with effective statements in an interview. There is no inconvenience of talking about this skill. On the other hand, it both presents new opportunities and opens new doors. Your depiction of this skill is up to your words you use. You can give examples from previous job position during the interview. If the employers ask you what you would do in such occasion by giving examples, you can answer it by means of your experiences.

All in all, you mustn’t neglect the importance of problem solving skill. It helps the people to improve their soft skill and analytical thinking. Besides, it helps the employee to be wanted in a specific position. An employee should develop this skill through experiences he has had during the life of career. He should be aware of the stages to overcome all the obstacles systematically.  Besides, he should learn the ways to sort the obstacles out by doing and experiencing. As the time passes, he or she will be able to shed lights on the company he works through brilliant ideas, which will provide him or her with new opportunities.