Customer Service and Customer Representative

If you are customer representative, you have an intensive job. You have to be patiently because you are always in communication with lots of people. When you call customers, maybe they may be angry or upset. You should answer them carefully.

Who Is Customer Representative?

Customer representative is a person who answers the questions about firm products and services, directs potential customers to the firm and keep customer records of the firm.

What Does A Customer Representative Do? What Is the Scope of Job Definition of Customer Representative?

There are some differences between sectors which customer representatives work in. General responsibilities of occupation’ professionalisms are these;

  • Reply customers’ callings,
  • Solve customers’ complaints by phone, e-mail or social media or post,
  • Confirm customers about products and services,
  • Take customer information as payment information, phone numbers and addresses,
  • Reply questions which are related to quarantine and selling conditions,
  • Confirm customers about order or repayment,
  • Persuade customer to think again about service or product cancel demand,
  • Open customer accounts by recording account information,
  • Update customers’ account information,
  • Solve product or service problems by listening customers’ complaints,
  • Follow process to provide the solve of customers’ problem,
  • Offer potential product or service necessaries to the management by analyzing customers’ needs,
  • Make product recall transactions,
  • Prepare reports about general customer satisfaction,
  • Hear about firm policy changes by working related departments together,
  • Set sustained relationships with the way of open and interactive communication.
  • Act positively, emphatics and professionally to customers,
  • Reply customers’ demands,
  • Give information about alternative services to the customers,
  • Have a communication with customers by various channels,
  • Keep records transactions of comment, complaints, etc.
  • Protect customer and firm confidentiality,
  • Listen customer complaints.

How Can You Be A Customer Representative?

You don’t need to study a specific department. Customer representatives’ skills which are looked for by companies, are different from firms to other firms. But you have to some important skills. What are they? Let’s take a glance here;

  1. Take a wonderful diction,
  2. Get communication skill and active listening skill,
  3. Have wonderful oral and written communication ability,
  4. Comply with team work,
  5. Be able to make time management effectively,
  6. Act kindly and patiently,
  7. Know MS Office programs,
  8. Be careful your wearing,
  9. Provide professional support when customers are angry.

Customer Representative Job Interview Questions

  • Where do you see yourself within two years?
  • Do you leave this job if you have better job offer?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do you know about salary?
  • Why do you prefer to work at a call center?
  • Can you work as a team?
  • Do you work at night?
  • Why should we prefer you?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What will you contribute to our company?
  • Can you introduce yourself?
  • Why did you leave from your previous work?
  • What is the biggest success?
  • Did you come across a hard situation? How did you overcome it?
  • Do you have any question?

Important Clues for Customer Representative Job Interview

  1. Eye Contact: You should make an eye contact. Human Resources Specialist should know that you are careful and listen him or her carefully.
  2. Introduce Yourself: While you are introducing yourself, don’t talk about yourself in detail. Because the authority, Human Resources Specialist or the employer has your CV in his or her PC.
  3. Case Study: In such job interviews, a case study is given and it is observed that how you will work in a team, how you will act and how you can set a relationship with your colleagues. In such situations, you should be so careful and you don’t need to try to manage the team. Just make your work. And be relax.
  4. Limited Time: As you know, you have limited time in the job interview. You should use your time so fertilely. You have to describe yourself in the job interview and prove yourself by describing your successes, your certificates and etc.
  5. Team Relationships: It is so important that how relationship you have with other employees. You should make an eye contact with other employees and you have to listen them without interrupting, you should act in a harmony, you shouldn’t forget that how you act to other colleagues will be tested.
  6. Sell yourself short: After a successful university life, you are ready for business life. You want to show yourself and use your information. Don’t hurry up. Be kindly and respectful.
  7. Feel relax: You should be relax while you are talking in the job interview, you shouldn’t make the employer or the authority or Human Resources Specialist your excited.