Job Searching

Job Interview

Finding a Good Job

Maybe you cannot receive feedback from your job interviews. It is so annoying! If you want to find a new job immediately, what should...
Job Application -

How to write a Job Application Form? ( With Examples)

An application  form is to fill your resume on that form. You fill out the form in the same way as your personal information,...

Where do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" is a question which is mostly asked in job interviews. This question gives a message about...
Career Path -

What is Career Path?

Everybody has some future plans in their mind about the career. After the graduation, they begin to shape some categories in their minds through...
Formats of CV and Resume

Comparison of Curriculum Vitae and Resume

Why curriculum vitae and resume are different from each other? Why some people use curriculum vitae and others use resume? Let’s see comparison of...

Nursing Job Interviews

In our article, you can reach information about nursing, what a nurse does, how a nurse works, which department a nurse should study to...

Academic CV

Just now we will examine how to write an academic cv. Who Uses Academic CV? Academic CV is used by researchers such as doctor, master, research...
Resume Headline -

How to Write Resume Headline?

People should prefer to use headlines for the resume in order that they can summarize all the achievements and experiences they have. This way...

Different Resume Types and Example

Firstly, we should express what resume is. Resume is a document which is prepared to be taken attention of an employer, Human Resources Specialist...
Types of Visas -

Types of Visas to Work in USA

Many people dream to travel or live in America nowadays. Thus, they research some alternatives to go there. However, not everybody is allowed to...