Job Searching

STAR Technique

Star Technique For Interviews

STAR Technique is a method which is used by lots of institutions about recruitment issue, STAR word includes techniques which is used for job...
Rejection -

Rejection of Job Offers

Employers sometimes offer new jobs in their company. However, people who would not like to work in this company. Thus, they say the rejection...
First Impression

How Can You Make A Good Impression In Job Interviews?

You have so little time to make a good impression in a job interview. Of course, this duration can change according to interview type...
Strict Questions -

Strict Questions for Interview

However you prepared yourself for the interview, there are many tricky questions the interviewers may ask you. You have to know how you can...

Definition, Format and Example of Recommendation Letter

Maybe you demand for a recommendation letter giving information about your academical background, your characteristics, your aims, studies you made, or you may write...
About Job Interview

Questions to Be Asked Employer in Job Interview

However Human Resources Specialist or  employer or manager has a right asking question to the applicant, you also have this right. Of course, you...
Programmer -

What a Computer Programmer Should Have in Order to Reach Success?

Some people are curious about the job of computer programmer. They would like to improve themselves on the field of computer because of salary...

Career Assessment Tests For Job Applicants

There are some tests which are prepared for job applicants and include questions about skill, personality features, interested areas and selections. When we examine...

Preparing A Great LinkedIn Profile

To create an effective LinkedIn profile is an unimportant issue for lots of people. But LinkedIn is an important job resource. If you have...
Motivation -

Tips for interview What motivates you

Most people come across some questions during an interview. Thus, one of the questions is ‘What motivates you in the job?’.This question wants to...