How to Write a More Effective Email? (6+ Tips & Email Format Example)

There are many people who don’t give much significance to writing e mails while they are sending some documents for the job position. They only send their emails by attaching resume or cover letter. However, it should have special email format that you need to send an email. You should give some information about yourself, why you are sending that email. That is to say, the employers might be in a dilemma about who you are, what the aim of the e mail is. In order to create certainty, you should focus on the format of email well. Thus, the employers will anticipate how serious you are by giving much importance to details along with the possession of job culture. This passage mentions about how to write an email section by section.

Font of E-mail Format

It is important to use true font for email. You can use 10 and 12 point while sending emails. It increases the readability of your email well. The employer reads it easily and it gets much feature of formal.

First Step

You should write a section of subject with a careful eye in your email format. If you don’t write this section, the employers will not read your email. We can say that this part is the summary of your aim to send this email. For instance, you can write application for the job position, interview request and gratefulness of a visit.

Second Step

If you know the person’s name you will send your email, please salute him/her by saying Mr./Mrs. Surname. If you don’t know the name, please make some researches on the net to recognize the name of receiver in your email format. Or you can ask his or her name and surname by the people who work in the reception. If you don’t have any chance to reach the name, you can say Dear Human Resources Specialist. However, writing his or her name is more suitable than the latter one.

Third Step

You can prepare this part to explain the target of e mail format. Explain it why you are writing this email.  Do you want to work there? Or Do you want an interview? So, what is your target to send this email?  Besides, you should send your resume by attaching as Pdf. Please keep your writing short and clear. Don’t make any unnecessary ornaments. If you have chance, please read it again. Since, it should not include some grammatical or spelling mistakes. Before sending it, preview the sheet of document in detail.

Fourth Step

The last part should include your email address, phone number, url of social media accounts. It is important that they can reach you by means of this data. You should give active phone numbers, email address and social media accounts. You should give this information carefully, which facilitates the employers’ communication with you any time.

Fifth and Last Step

Some companies might have wanted you to send your resume, or any other documents such as transcription. That is why it is important section that you shouldn’t ignore. Before sending this email, be sure to place the documents that are wanted.

E mail Format Example

There is one example of email to apply for open position as teacher. You can use it as a draft.

Subject: Math Teacher – Susan Washington

Email Message:

Dear Mr. Johnson or Head Master

I am writing this e mail for the application for the Math teacher. I have been working in a high school in England. Besides, I completed my bachelor degree in Spain. I got teaching certificate in London.

In addition, I follow all he developments in your school. Thus, I would like to learn much information about open positions for Math Teacher. Could you arrange an interview for me? If so, I will be able to learn much about the procedures.

I have attached my resume. I do thank you very much for your attention. I am looking forward your answer soon.

Susan Washington

Susan.washington58@ email address

Phone number


Tips for Email

  • Keep it short, clear. It should not comprise of long sentences. Besides, ıf you want your email to bring about the voice, you should not make your email in detail.
  • Choose the font between ten and twelve point sizes.
  • Don’t ignore the attachments you need to place. There might be important documents that are wished by the employers.
  • Salute the name of receiver rather than saying Manager or Director.
  • Explain your aim clearly and shortly.
  • Thank the receiver in a statement.
  • Write your contact number and email in the last section accompanied by social media account.

All in all, sending an email requires a well-prepared format. Thus, you should consider systematically and professionally in the job culture, which enable you to open new doors both for the future and for the career life. It will be an official document that provides a bridge between you and the employers or managers.  It might be a chance to improve by shaping a various route for career life. Care for email format and witness all the differences in your life!