Which Font is Advantageous For The Resume And Its Basic Clues

Many candidates for work would have some worries about the preparation of resume. Some of them would prefer different fonts to make it unique. However, the others would prefer to utilize simple and plain fonts for their resumes. Since, some important companies focus on the styles of resumes with a great attention. Therefore, many people should consider some important details such as fonts, font of writing before the application of a job posting. Thus, you should decide how to use the fonts for your resume. Making some research about what kind of font is serious and common all around the world is advantageous for a resume. You should pay attention on making a perfect resume both to attract attention and to elicit all the other candidates.

Thus, this article shows that some fonts are much preferable than others. So what are they?

Why is Font So Serious?

There are many fonts you can use for your resume. However, the best way of depiction of yourself is your choice after reading this text. Some software applications of the companies elicit some candidates on the base of writing style or font you use. Thus, it is pretty significant to utilize right option for font. Beside the software application, the eyes of companies should read it easily with admiration. And they should anticipate how much importance you give for job proposal. That is to say, font is not only important for the software application of companies, but also serious for the vitality of eyes.

Which Font is Suitable?

Many fonts can be advantageous for you to utilize in your resume. However, some researches on the styles of writing depict that some fonts are much more attractive than the others. So what are they?


This kind of writing style is much common among the fonts. Since, it is preferable all around the world. We can call it universal voice of resume. Moreover, it is much more trustworthy, professional and unproblematic. Some companies and the results of questionnaires show how Helvetica is much professional.


Provided that you have such an experience, you can use Garamond to fit your experiences and statements into your resume on just only one page. This kind of font is easy to read. Besides, it doesn’t make eyes tired.

Times New Roman

The most classical type of way to write your resume is Times New Roman. However, the usage of this font is contentious. There are some companies saying that it is no problem to use such a font. Yet, the others find it trivial. Even so, some companies think that some people use this way of writing without giving much importance on the resume.

Helvetica - slideplayer.biz.tr
Helvetica – slideplayer.biz.tr


If you wish your resume to be brilliant, you can use this type of font. Since, it shows your high quality. Some companies assess this type as elegant, flashy and a little bit feminine. Especially candidates for job proposals for fashion- designer should opt this style with a comfortable way. Thus, you resume will possess a brilliant spirit.


Some people utter that it is disadvantageous to use this style. Since, they call it as a font of weddings. It is nothing but exaggeration in the resume. You seem as though you invite employers to a wedding, when you use this style. Try to avoid from using this. It doesn’t have serious role on the resume. And please note that you can use it just only for short titles. You mustn’t use it for statements about yourself. It is difficult to read, and it increases the possibility to have fatigue on eyes.

Zapfino - flickr.com
Zapfino – flickr.com


That’s the most important one you shouldn’t use for your resume. It has some features of old fashioned type-writer. Thus, nobody would choose to read it throughout. It is difficult to read such kind of styles. You should avoid from using this, too.  You shouldn’t lose the chance of working because of this style.

Comic Sans

There is one more font not to use it on your resume. It is Comic Sans. You should elicit it without criticism. You don’t have to think even once. But if you wish to apply for the being clown, you can try it to attract attention.

Comic Sans Font - flickr.com
Comic Sans Font – flickr.com

Clues For Resume

Write Steadily

You should decide on which font you should use and then please use it throughout the resume. Using different fonts on the resume give much fatigue, thus the companies jus only look with a glance on such kind of resumes. They don’t examine too much.

Don’t Use Elegance

You should design your resume plainly. You should pay attention the content rather than any other flashy visuals or elegant writing style. It will just only be nonsense. It doesn’t show your seriousness.

Keep It Clear

You should make some sharking expressions on your resume. Don’t write an article there.  Depict how you use clear statements on your resume rather than trivial things.

Consequently, the font you use on your resume is the depiction of your serious attitude towards job proposals. Thus you should decide suitable ones in order to show your resume unique. Structure of resume is so important that your chance to get the job increases in parallel. Focus on the statements on your resume accompanied by true option of writing style. It will provide you with great options for the occupations.