Cover Letter Format And Little Tips For You

You know that while you are looking for a new job, to have a well-prepared resume or CV is how important. But resume or CV is not enough just alone. Nowadays, cover letters are as important as a resume or CV.

There are some rules to write a cover letter. What are they? Firstly, you should think that you are talking with Human Resources Specialist while you are writing your letter. Then, you should make your letter quietly sincerely. For example; you can try not to use “To Whom It May Concern”.

Find the correct person or a contact by calling the company or by picking up information about the company on web or by examining the company’s website. Other important rule is to prepare a different cover letter for each job application. If you use the same cover letter, Human Resources Specialist understands it clearly and it is not a good thing for you. A Human Resources Specialist wants to learn if you know the company or not and your features. Before writing your cover letter, examine the company, look at its news, read its writings.

Obtain information about company’s mission, aims and priorities. Show your information about the company in your cover letter. It shows to the employer that you are eager and motivated for that job. Other rule is to understand what the company want clearly. What is its expectation from you? If they look for an engineer, you should write your skills about engineering. Don’t write unnecessary things. The person who will read your cover letter, will not have too much time to read your letter. Specify the position that you apply for, in the first paragraph of your letter. Then, mention about your features in your other sentences. Don’t use long sentences, you should use short and clear sentences. They have to be direct sentences, not indirect. Finally, you should take careful your grammar, spelling and punctuation marks mistakes. After you write your cover letter, proofread it again and correct mistakes. These mistakes decrease your chances too much.

Cover Letter Format


Entry (You should write about which position you apply for, why the employer should invite you to a job interview.)

Introduction Paragraph (You have to write why you write this cover letter and where you have seen this job advertisement and why you decided to apply for that job advertisement.)

Middle Paragraph (You should offer your advices for that job to the employer. Specify your features by associating the job you applied for. Make a connection between the job’s requires and your skills. Try to support your sentences which describe yourself, with your examples. Describe the subjects which you think that you are good at. Coincide because you will be evaluated with your CV or resume. You should write your experiences, skills, educational background, your features. You have to write that why you are suitable for that position.)

Final Paragraph (You should write that why you want to work in that company. Thank the employer because he or she has time to look at your application. You can add that you are waiting for their reply. By writing your name and surname, you can complete your cover letter.

Closing (You should show that you are a professional applicant. So, you have to use a formal closing like “Best Regards, Regardly, etc.”.

Points to Consider While You Are Writing Your Cover Letter

  1. Start with a greeting expression. Don’t forget to write a salutation. If you know the person’s name who you will write to addressing, you can use Dr., Mr. or Mrs. If you don’t know the person’s name who you will write to addressing, you have to use “To Whom It May Concern”.
  2. Be careful your written language. You should write your cover letter in a formal language. Of course, you shouldn’t use daily language.
  3. Specialize your cover letter. It should be special for each job application. If you write a different cover letter for every job application, you can be one step ahead from others.
  4. Be careful grammar, spelling and punctuation marks mistakes. Any employer doesn’t forgive such mistakes. Because you are an applicant and you have to be careful such details. After you write your letter, proofread and edit it again.
  5. Be careful your format. You have to use a clear, basic and understandable format. It shouldn’t be so mixed that he or she can not read it.

Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example -
Cover Letter Example-