How to Be a Successful Fashion Designer

To be a fashion designer can be a job like a dream. Beautiful fabrics, colors and clothes. Like other jobs, this job also has some hard conditions. Actually, you should work hard to be a good fashion designer. You are always in an exam. For example; you design your dress, if the buyer doesn’t like it, he or she doesn’t buy it. He or she can make changes on your dress.

Important Clues to Be a Good Fashion Designer

  1. If you notice your interest to fashion design in your high school, you are lucky! You can attend to clubs about fashion design in your school. Also, you should always read fashion design magazines and you should learn jargon of this job. You can follow famous fashion designers, you can send letter them to help you.
  2. Fashion is a very large word. If you want to sell your designs to people, there are lots of way. Firstly, you have to have at least two languages. Fashion is a global job.
  3. Search! If you are interested in something, you should search and learn more to feed it. There are lots of resources about fashion design. You can make search on web. Keep current yourself. Shoes, accessories, job attires and fashion weeks… Follow them!
  4. Create a style file yourself. You can open a file on PC. Or you can make a blog. You pick up your favorite clothes, drawings to there, you can also categorize your favorite brands and you can add designs of whose your favorite fashion designers, to your blog and file. You can start drawing designs which you like.
  5. Make a brand. Create your brand! Everyone should know you. If you want to be a good fashion designer, you should show yourself. You can make it with your brand or your style, etc. You can make a logo yourself. It should be attractive. It is so important.
  6. Inspiration board! You can make an inspiration board to you. You can hang your favorite photos on your walls. So, you can see your development day by day.
  7. Drawing lessons! You should certainly take drawing lessons. The first condition to be a fashion designer is to have a good education. Maybe you are just a student or a little girl, you can start your projects. You should learn fashion drawing, human anatomy, colors, color combinations, etc. If you cannot go to a course, you can read books about fashion design.
  8. You can start cutting and stitching clothes. You can examine fabrics and fibers, you can prepare beautiful and basic clothes for your family members and close friends. So, you can learn different body forms.
  9. There are local designation races. You can attend them and show yourself. You can follow young designer races on web.
  10. Follow World Trends. It is important to improve you. You can have information about color, design, fabric, etc.
  11. Do internship! Practice is very important in every job sector. The first rule to be in sector is to do internship in important fashion design brands. Send your CV or resume and share your designs. Maybe they like them or they decide you to improve more. You can have a chance to be a fashion designer.
  12. Search professional education schools. Don’t forget that you should always improve yourself. To take fashion design education is expensive. You should know it.