Different Titles of Jobs

Job is a wide thing that has various branches in itself. It is such a huge world that it has some different titles. You should choice the best job for you.  Thus, some people have question marks on their minds. However, it must not be disappointing for you. You can also look for the jobs you wish to work with different titles. Thus you will easily find a job that is suitable for you. There are many jobs that have different titles but it has the same route as the job you are looking for. The functions, responsibilities are the same as the job you research. That is to say, there are many specializations that possess the same responsibilities regarding accountancy, human resources, technology, insurance, estate agency and financial jobs.

Different Titles for Accountancy

What is Accountancy?

It is the most important section of a company in which the accountants report each financial step and the regulations on the computer or laptops. There are many various job postings for accountancy that alters a company from the company. Generally, his working area is about arrangements of taxes, receipts, bills. The person who is responsible for accountancy should have profile vision, passionate for team work, disciplined, too. If you consider having these qualifications, you can apply for these kinds of jobs. Instead of looking for the accountant jobs around your neighborhood, you can also search for any other places in order to improve.

Different Titles

Payable specialist, budget analyst, bookkeeper, tax specialist, Manager of cash, financial officer are the same as accountant. You can also look for these jobs on the search engine, too.

Human Resources

This job includes some responsibilities such as recruitment, payroll preparation, education, direction of career. A person who is responsible for this job opens a job position in a company, and organizes a meeting or interview with the candidates. He chooses a suitable candidate for employee. There are some skills they need to have such as planning, organization, which are inevitable for this job. And the most important for this job is that he or she should have affection for the people. Since, he creates a communication with the people all the time.

Its Different Titles

You can also see human resources as employee relations specialist, Coordinator, Staff Agent, Organizer, HR Officer and Manager.

Financial Jobs

You can also follow the idea of financial jobs for the assessment. A person who is responsible for this branch should serve for the companies in order that they don’t have any problems with each other. They work whether financial structures are suitable for regulations or law. Besides, they should have knowledge about law and accountancy, and they are also responsible for recording expenses and financial acquires. He or she should use the numbers effectively, and possess analytical thinking and persuasive ability.

Common Titles

Financial Analyst, investment advisor, Credit specialist, Cash manager, banker, Portfolio Manager are the same in this department. You can also find a job in the banks.

Technology (IT)

As the time passes, technology develops and it has become active nowadays. Thus, we need professionals, specialists on this department. IT (information technologies) appears on this sense. This program increases its importance of new openings for job. This branch is responsible for sorting the problems out, recording, storing, investigating, arranging of all the data. That is to say , IT specialists try to find a solution, meets the necessities. Besides, he is open to all developments of all technology.

Common Titles

You can apply for the positions such as Content Manager, Database Manager, Business Specialist, Mobile Developer, Software Specialist, R&D specialists, Web Developer

Mobile Developer - androidcentral.com
Mobile Developer – androidcentral.com


A person who is responsible for this branch should follow basic procedures about insurance. He also serves the customers as an agent. Besides, he follows all the progresses such as payment of primes and compensation. He should graduate from degree of insurance and banking.

Common Titles

Actuary, insurance agent, insurance investigator, insurance examiner, control specialist are the suitable examples for this position.

Estate Agencies

This person who works for this department should let the people purchase, sell, hire some real estate or properties by plans or schedules. He serves customers by generating new portfolio. He anticipates customers’ necessities and determines customers’ financial situation. And also he gives recommendations for them. In addition, he should graduate from economics to carry this job out prosperously.

Common Titles

Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Officer, Residential Officer, Residential Real Estate Agent can be applied, too.


All in all, these jobs have other titles, too. It must be confusing at first. However, these are chances for you to apply for all of them. Thus, your chance to find a job increases by means of new alternatives. You can also search for these jobs’ synonyms on the net. It will be a good advantage for you, which changes your career life to some extent. You will be luckier than any other opportunities. Since there are so few jobs having other titles. Apply for a new job and your dreams come true immediately. Have a breathe search new jobs for yourself!