Why Do You Leave Your Job?

There are so many reasons to leave your job. Some of them are sensible, some of them are ridiculous. But you always have a reason. Ok, why do you leave your job? Reasons for leaving your job have two types. They are good reasons and bad reasons.

Good Reasons for Leaving Your Job

These reasons are generally self- reliant from the worker. They don’t rest with the worker. And you can be sure that if he or she has any good reason, he or she doesn’t leave his or her job. What are good reasons for leaving your job?

  1. Career Change:

As you see in the photo, sometimes we can decide to give a direction to our life and also our career. In such situations, we start by leaving our job. Maybe we are an English Teacher but we want to be an English Translator and Interpreter anymore. It is a career change so we leave our jobs.

  1. Organizational Restructuring:

If the company goes to restructure and you are not glad of this situation, you may want to leave your job. You give your resignation letter and go out. It is so easy.

  1. Family Circumstances / Health Reasons:

You can come across a situation like divorcement, treatment or family health. In such situations, you can not go on working. So, you decide to leave your job and you prepare your resignation letter and leave your job.

  1. Better Opportunity:

While you are working in your company, you can have a job offer from more successful company. Of course, you can choose that company. In such situations, you leave your available job and choose better company.

Bad Reasons for Leaving Your Job

Besides that, good reasons for leaving your job, you can also have bad reasons. Maybe you don’t want to work there any more but you can not say it so clearly. In such situations, you have a plan to leave your job.

The Most Popular 9 Reasons for Leaving Your Job

  • Lower Salary: Mostly workers are not pleasure of their salaries. They think that their salary is not suitable for their work, it is too less. When they think so, they decide to give their resignation letter to their bosses.
  • Less Improvement Opportunities: If a worker thinks that he can not improve in his job and he is limited by the workplace, he will start to show lower performance after little time. In spite of that he believes that he can do more successful things, he can not make because of the limited place, and it affects his performance. Maybe they prefer to resign.
  • Undertake works which he is not responsible with: If a worker makes works which he is not responsible with, he starts not to make his own works. He can not be careful because he has lots of thing in his mind. Maybe he complains from this situation and he might decide to leave his job.
  • Not to have an appreciation or a prize: If a worker who has achievements, is appreciated, he has a high motivation. You should support his achievements. If you don’t make so, workers can start looking for better jobs.
  • Busy Working Hours: Lots of workers have busy working hours. It is a problem nowadays. If they work so much, their performance can down, you shouldn’t forget it, if you give them to work at home (as home-office), they can be more fertile instead of working at office for all day,if they work too much at office, their fertility will affect negatively.
  • Inability of Position: If the worker’s efforts are inability according to his aims and if it is because of the workplace, the worker doesn’t want to go on that company. If he is aware of that he can not improve himself and he can not reach his aims, he resigns from his job.
  • Inter-Office Communication Problems: If a worker has always inter-office communication problem, he will want to leave his job. If he doesn’t leave, he will have bigger problem.
  • Excessive Competition: Even if to have a harmony in business relationships, to make works together can be possible. Instead of increasing competition between workers, you should make more teamworks. So, you can have more relax workplace instead of a stressed workplace.
  • Deficient Motivation: The most correct way to have more successful is to provide motivation. To be able to catch high motivation will be possible with works which you will make. You can increase the workers’ motivation with parties, vacations, celebrations, etc.