Human Resources Department

Many new grads want to have an occupation despite knowing so little information about what to do. Thus, they cannot achieve the goals easily and they cannot be productive. And they cannot take participate in the companies so longer. That is why, human resources department steps in. However, many people aren’t aware of their functions. Human resources department has become strategic role that gets much importance for the companies the day after day. Direction of prices, career planning, direction of abilities or qualifications along with administrator and unskilled employee are the subjects that human resources department that are responsible for. That is to say, this department is interested in each period about human-beings. This passage explains what human resources are and its responsibilities.

Depiction of Human Resources

It includes all the processes and functions in that it provides the company with high performance on the base of organizational and environmental atmospheres, creation of suitable working place and motivation. In addition, this department should be utilized by professionally and logically, so it also includes the direction of potential working power out of the company or institution.

Human Resources’ Main Targets

Productivity: It must direct the productivity of the company and it makes some regulations and organizations to increase the productivity of workers and employees.

Equality: It should give much importance to the equality of employees while working, or else it may lose of confidence as the time passes.

Flexibility: It should break some rules by using this option. There might be emergent occasions to some extent.

Guarantee of Work: It should also give the people confidence and safety about the guarantee of the work.

Direction of career and performance: The person in human resources department should direct the employees and their performance by regular controls.

Increase of quality for career life: Human Resources Agents must increase the quality of company and career life, and when needed, he or she tries to product new ideas to create along with the provision with motivation.

Working circumstances: He or she should try to do the best to make the working atmosphere perfect. Besides, he must improve all the standards of the circumstances on the base of employees’ expectations.

What Human Resources are Responsible for?

As the technology improves, duties and responsibilities of human resources alter in parallel. There are some specific areas that they are responsible for below.

Direction of Salary

Human Resources Specialist makes some arrangements about the salaries of employees on the base of their performance.

Selection and Placement

He also tries to do the best for the company by selecting the most appropriate candidates on the base of their qualifications and then he or she must place this person for the open positions. That is to say, he determines candidates’ abilities well and the ability to analyze drives him to suitable placements.

Human Resources -
Human Resources

Education and Improvement

He tries to educate the workers in the company. Besides, he organizes new seminars or organizations and educational programs in order to get the improvement. Provided that he wishes to catch up with the achievement, it will be inevitable to organize new educational programs for employees.

Motivation and Leadership

It is the most important option that human resources department shouldn’t not ignore. High motivated employee product new ideas and new projects for the company. Thus, it is human resources department’s responsibility to supply the workers with high motivation.

Motivation -
Motivation –

Direction of Career

It includes processes in that human resources plan development of employees’ careers on the base of abilities, skills and qualifications. It includes some steps such as starting a job, appointing and transferring to different areas.

Direction of Performance

As you know that performance depends upon three dimensions such as capacity, opportunities end eagerness. Thus, human resources arrange these three dimensions and controls on the employees working.

Working Laws and Job Safety

Human Resources Department should be aware of the  regulations at work, and he or she must take measurements for the employees and the people on the base of job safety.

Holidays and Working Periods

He must make controls over the working periods and holidays by following these days in the company.


He records some information and data about the process of working and he makes some assessments periodically on the base of these records.

Problem solving

He or she finds a solution for the problems between customers and employees or among employees. Thus, he creates a practical solution to overcome these problems effectively.

Education of Human Resources

People, who would like to take place in this department, should follow all the institutions that give certificates about this department. Besides, on the net there are some websites that give this training, too.

Content of Education

Changing management techniques and productive periods have become strategic devices. Human beings can product and use the knowledge, so they come up in the human resources. In short, personal and institutive learning period transform into the permanent learning advantage. The aim of this education is to raise skillful human resources specialists up following years. It includes analysis of jobs, placement and selection, direction of performance and career along with salary.

All in all, this department requires solid and sober education and training along with experience. There are many responsibilities in the company as a human resources agent, which is not easy but requires too much work and ability to analyze. Provided that you wish to work this department, get a certificate and begin to work in this department!