Thank You E-mail After an Interview


What Is Thank You E-mail?

If you are still eager to go to that work after the interview, you should send certainly a thank you e-mail to the authority. You have to take business cards of authorities in the interview. After interview, you should send a thank you e-mail to the e-mail addresses.

Human resources authorities have lots of interviews with applicants about position which you applied. Some applicants are eliminated. Some applicants wait for final decision. Firm authorities have a meeting for final evaluation. Every applicant has a file including his/her CV, interview report, foreign language test, etc. After interview, your thank you e-mail is added to this file. And it creates a difference.

How to Write a Thank You E-mail after an Interview?

You had a wonderful job interview. It couldn’t be better. But were you accepted to the job? Besides that how interview you had, there are so many factors which will affect your situation before your employment procedure finishes.

If you make an effort to be accepted for that job, it will be a difference for Human Resources Department.  After an interview which is well, you should send a thank you e-mail.

  • You Should Deep Your Searches.

Your interview finished. Now you should start to deep your search about the job on the basis of the interview. You can make search about company’s sector, your position and your work and trends. Make search about your position’s future.

During the interview, employer mentions about the company’s future plans. On the basis of this information, you can make a search about company’s wish like what you should do, after interview. Compare similar work models with company’s aims. And evaluate all of them.

  • Show Your Skills.

If you really want to have a difference from other applicants, you should show your skills which can be in addition to them. This duration which is from interview to employment procedure, is the most beautiful time part when you can make it. Even if to think as work – oriented is so important, you shouldn’t rule out your skills in direction of your tendency. Maybe they will help you to be one step ahead.

You shouldn’t forget to mention that you understand work’s requests and you have necessary skills to this job. This act will show how professional applicant you are.

  • Thank You after Interview.

After your search finishes, you can send a thank you e-mail as short and clear. Firstly you should use a form of address like “dear or honorable, etc…”  Then you thank the authority about interview. You write about your search and so you can have a chance to show your searches. You add your files including your searches, your features, your skills, etc… Finally you thank again. And you offer your wishes. And you write your name and your contact information.

Thank you e-mail has two aims:

  1. To emphasize your wish for that job.

If you are eager to that job and if you reveal it, you are one step ahead from other applicants. You can mention that you are so eager, you are suitable for that position and company’s culture is correspond to you in your thank you e-mail.

  1. To complete incomplete information.

After interview, you evaluate your answer. If you notice that you say incompletely an important thing, you express yourself well in this e-mail. Actually this mail is your last chance.

Don’t Have a Break Making Job Application

You had a well interview .But until they call you again and they accept you for that position, the person shouldn’t have a break making job application. We cannot know that how our new applications will be better for you. We should constantly apply for job applications.

Points To Consider About a Thank You E-mail

  1. You should use a clear language. Your sentences should be short but understandable. They shouldn’t be mix.
  2. You should add your extra features like your hobbies, your social life information, and your experiences. Whatever you don’t talk in the interview, you should mention all of them in your thank you e-mail.
  3. The employer should understand that you are so eager for that job, you are so professional applicant. Nowadays, so many applicants don’t give importance to send a thank you e-mail. But this e-mail is quietly important for Human Resources Department, company’ authorities and employers. Because it shows your quality, professionalism, your information and searches about work.
  4. Thank you e-mail is a kindness indicator. It means that this job is important for this applicant, he/she is so eager for this job, he/she is skillful and he/she can make your job.
  5. You shouldn’t forget to mention about the interview. Even if just one sentence, you should write a detail about your interview like “As you said in our interview, if we work together, we can improve the company with this way….”

Thank You E-mail Format

  • Contact Information




E-mail Address

Phone Number

  • Date
  • Greeting “Dear Mr./Mrs. Lastname”
  • Body of Thank-You Letter: This part should be at least four paragraphs. First paragraph should include your thank to the authority. You can mention about your interview and your ideas about it. In the second paragraph, you can mention about your quality. Why should they prefer you? Why are you a strong applicant? You can list your specific skills in this paragraph. You can describe how much value you can add to the company. In the third paragraph, you can write about your qualifications that you need, you can want to provide some percentages to clarify your contributions. In your closing paragraph, you express that you wait for their reply negatively or positively. You can repeat your ideas about that position.
  • Closing: You should use a formal closing like “Best Regards, Sincerely, etc…”
  • Signature: It should be handwritten signature or typed signature.

There is an example of thank you e-mail, you can examine it.


A Thank You Letter Example
A Thank You Letter Example

 As you see in the photo, you can prepare a thank you e-mail letter. With a well letter, you can be one step ahead from other applicants.

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