What all can you draw with a 3d drawing app?

3d drawing is a sort of drawing that is becoming more and more popular. There are several tutorials on how to do many such drawings by the use of a pencil. Now there’s an also an app that you can use to draw 3d objects. The app provides you with a bit-by-bit display that will educate you on the way of creating an anamorphic illustration or drawing in three dimensions. Its key Features are:

  • Zooming in and out
  • Inclusion of 3D drawings tutorials, examples being:
  • Drawing of simple Optical Illusions
  • Drawing of 3d Hexagon,
  • Drawing of 3d Cube,
  • Drawing of 3d Ball,
  • Drawing of 3d Water Drop,
  • Drawing of 3d Hole
  • Drawing of 3d Cylinder
  • Drawing of 3d Heart
  • Drawing of 3d Pyramid
  • Drawing of 3d Glass filled with water
  • And much more