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Thank You E-mail After an Interview

What Is Thank You E-mail? If you are still eager to go to that work after the interview, you should send certainly a thank you...
About Cover Letter

Cover Letter Template to Apply a New Job

A cover letter is the most effective factor to have a job interview.  It is more important than CV or resume. You can write...

Letter Types, Format and Examples

A letter is a writing type which providing a communication of two people or institutions. There are lots of letter types. Because technology has...
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Cover Letter

Cover letter is a form of self-explanatory, descriptive self-introduction that can be written in any job application. A well-crafted cover letter takes over information on your...
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Rejection of Job Offers

Employers sometimes offer new jobs in their company. However, people who would not like to work in this company. Thus, they say the rejection...
About Thank You Letter

Job Interview Thank You Letter Sample

Thank you letter is an important detail in business life.  After a job interview, there are some important works and the details which to...

Examples of the Best Cover Letters

A cover letter is a document demanded from you while you are in a job interview. It has an important role in your career....
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Cover Letter, Example and Tips

Nowadays, there is a trend which is a well-prepared cover letter. If you have an effective CV or resume, it isn't enough to be...
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How to Write an Inquiry Letter

There are many people who would like to improve themselves in a larger company. You follow some websites or advertisements of some companies. Thus,...
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How to Write a More Effective Email? (6+ Tips & Email Format Example)

There are many people who don’t give much significance to writing e mails while they are sending some documents for the job position. They...