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Decline a job offer

Declining a Job Offer

How to decline a job offer? How should you decline it? What is the best way to decline a job offer? Firstly, we should...

Resignation Letter

What is Resignation Letter? The letter of resignation is the letter you prepare to give to your boss when you leave the workplace. The most...
Resignation Letter Template

What is a Resignation Letter Template?

What is a resignation letter template? Finding a job, any person plans to earn well and climb the career ladder. But not always these plans...
A Job Interview

Job Application E-mail Example and Writing Tips

Nowadays, there are so many ways to apply for a job. You can contact with them by phone, by e-mail, by internet, etc. You...
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Resume and Cover Letter or Teacher Candidate

All the teacher candidates try to find a position in the schools all around the worlds. Some of teachers are able to come across...

A Letter of Intent

A letter of Intent is a type of letter to explain your reason for your application and your goals. The letter of intention is...
business letter

Business Letter Template

Business letter template is correspondance which is based on business between each other or with special personals of commercial companies. Let's review the article. What...
Letter Closing Examples

How to End Letter with Closing Examples

In a business letter, the reader takes attention your closing, because it specifies the value which you give to your answerer. If you make...
A job interview

Job Interview Follow Up Email and Examples

After a successful job interview, to thank the employer or Human Resources Specialist or the manager with the aim of taking their attention is...

Write Letter of Interest

There are some companies who don’t open the job posting. Thus, the candidates would like to be aware of the developments of these companies....