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Thank You Letter After A Phone Interview

After a phone interview, there are so many important works which should be done and lots of details which should be thought on. After...
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How to Write Resignation Letter?

Some people would like to resign from the position they work at. The period is quite difficult when you decide to write resignation letter...
interview acceptance email

Interview Acceptance E-mail

Interview acceptance e-mail that you expect has reached your mail address. They're calling you for an interview. Have You Got Your Interview Acceptance e-mail? Your CV...

Two Weeks’ Notice Resignation Letter Sample

When you decide to resign from your work, you should give your resignation letter before at least two weeks. Whatever you have a reason...
Cover Letter

Cover Letter Format And Little Tips For You

You know that while you are looking for a new job, to have a well-prepared resume or CV is how important. But resume or...

Resignation Letter and Samples

You decided to leave your job and you want to write a professional resignation letter. But you don't know how you will make it....
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What can you do to resign from job?

Although some people love to working under the roof of their companies, the others may want to resign from work in their own working...
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Clues for Appreciation Letter

After meeting in an interview, you might need to thank your interviewer or related people in order to attract their attention along with spending...
A Resignation Letter

Resignation Letters Because of Personal Reasons

You have been working in a company for long years, but you have to resign with personal reasons anymore. To resign is quietly hard...
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When Should Cover Letter Be Written?

As many people know that cover letter shows your mini reflection of yourself. Thus, many people apply for the job posting by writing a...