Teacher Cover Letters, Examples and Important Points

There are three factors in employment process: CV, cover letter and job interview. Firstly, you should have a well-prepared CV to be able to go to a job interview. A good cover letter provides for you to complete your CV.

You will have a chance to introduce yourself just for 35-40 minutes in job interview. But firstly, you should be invited to the job interview. It is a document which you write shortly information about you.

To be able to be invited a job interview, you should have a well-prepared cover letter. If you are a teacher, to prepare a cover letter is easier. Because you know all spelling rules and punctuation rules. You prepare you cover letter and offer colleagues, school, universities, etc.

Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter
Teacher Cover Letter

If you want to use this format, you can click on it and reach this example of cover letter. In this example, it is described how to write a cover letter.

How to Write a Teacher Cover Letter

In the first paragraph, you should mention about why you are a strong candidate. You should introduce yourself.

In the second paragraph, you have to demonstrate that you have what’s required for the job. What does it mean? It means that you should describe your characteristics which are related to that job. While you are making it, you can give examples of your accomplishments. The authority should believe you. You should write real things.

In the last paragraph, you can mention about your contribution to school if you work there. You thank and write your contact information.

Important Points to Consider While Writing Teacher Cover Letter

There are some important points that you have to take care while you are writing your cover letter if you are a teacher.

  1. Be careful while choosing a format: Cover letter’s format should have a serious appearance. It shouldn’t be colorful. It should be short and briefly.
  2. Job Application Materials: You should send all job application materials as colleges and universities follow.
  3. Edit and Proofread: When you finish your cover letter, you should proofread it again. Because there can be some grammatical and spelling mistakes. You may forget some punctuation marks.
  4. A selling writing: Don’t forget that it is a selling writing. You should sell your experiences, information.
  5. Special: You should write special cover letters according to the sector and job application. It should be changed according to the position.
  6. Be clear: You should specify your career aim and expectations clearly.
  7. Short and Briefly: You should take care that it has to be short and briefly. It shouldn’t be mixed. It should be read easily and understandable.
  8. Signature: After you write your cover letter, you should sign it by writing your name and surname.
  9. Don’t use “I”: You shouldn’t use sentences which start with “I”. You have to make active descriptions.
  10. Specify yourself: You have to specify why you are interested in that position, your strengths and motivation.
  11. Don’t repeat your CV: Your cover letter isn’t your CV. So, you shouldn’t repeat it. You should give different information from your CV in your cover letter.