Letters & E-mails

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Writing an Email Format

There are many people who don’t give much significance to writing e mails while they are sending some documents for the job position. They...
A Job Interview

Job Application E-mail Example and Writing Tips

Nowadays, there are so many ways to apply for a job. You can contact with them by phone, by e-mail, by internet, etc. You...
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Clues for Appreciation Letter

After meeting in an interview, you might need to thank your interviewer or related people in order to attract their attention along with spending...
E-mail Cover Letter

Writing An E-Mail Cover Letter

A cover letter is a document that you use to give additional information about yourself before the job interview. Employers have to eliminate the...
Thank You

Professional Thank You Letter, Types and Samples

When you are glad from something like an interview, a decision, a situation, you apply for writing a thank you letter. Actually, thank you...

Resignation Letter and Samples

You decided to leave your job and you want to write a professional resignation letter. But you don't know how you will make it....
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Excuse Letter and E-mail for Sickness

Some people can face some problems such as illness during working. They cannot cure themselves immediately. And they need some time to relax at...

Thank You Messages, Phrases and Wording Examples

In business life, thank you message has a big importance. It shows that you are a professional applicant. You send a thank you message...
interview acceptance email

Interview Acceptance E-mail

Interview acceptance e-mail that you expect has reached your mail address. They're calling you for an interview. Have You Got Your Interview Acceptance e-mail? Your CV...
business letter

Business Letter Template

Business letter template is correspondance which is based on business between each other or with special personals of commercial companies. Let's review the article. What...