Letters & E-mails

A Job Interview

Job Application E-mail Example and Writing Tips

Nowadays, there are so many ways to apply for a job. You can contact with them by phone, by e-mail, by internet, etc. You...
Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter, Examples, Templates and Types

Recommendation letter is a document which is an evaluation aspect in job applications. It is a writing which is written about you by your...

Write Letter of Interest

There are some companies who don’t open the job posting. Thus, the candidates would like to be aware of the developments of these companies....

Examples of the Best Cover Letters

A cover letter is a document demanded from you while you are in a job interview. It has an important role in your career....
About Thank You Letter

Job Interview Thank You Letter Sample

Thank you letter is an important detail in business life.  After a job interview, there are some important works and the details which to...
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Resume and Cover Letter or Teacher Candidate

All the teacher candidates try to find a position in the schools all around the worlds. Some of teachers are able to come across...
Cover Letter

Cover Letter for an Internship Sample and Writing Tips

You found an internship advertisement and you want to support your CV with your cover letter. Here is a cover letter format which is...

Thank You Messages, Phrases and Wording Examples

In business life, thank you message has a big importance. It shows that you are a professional applicant. You send a thank you message...
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Clues for Appreciation Letter

After meeting in an interview, you might need to thank your interviewer or related people in order to attract their attention along with spending...
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When Should Cover Letter Be Written?

As many people know that cover letter shows your mini reflection of yourself. Thus, many people apply for the job posting by writing a...