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Resume and Cover Letter or Teacher Candidate

All the teacher candidates try to find a position in the schools all around the worlds. Some of teachers are able to come across...
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Receptionist Cover Letter

Everyone cannot be a receptionist because you should be patient to be a receptionist. Some people have self confidence to be a receptionist; thus,...

While Resigning

To resign is sometimes both hard and necessary decision for you. In business life, to resign is demanded at least one time or you...
Thank You

Thank You Letter

There are some kinds of thank you letter. You can find the definition how to sent a thank you letter after the interview. Sending...
A Resignation Letter

Resignation Letters Because of Personal Reasons

You have been working in a company for long years, but you have to resign with personal reasons anymore. To resign is quietly hard...
Cover Letter

Cover Letter Examples for Different Jobs and Careers

While you are applying for a job, you should add a cover letter. It should be private for that job application and it should...

Write Letter of Interest

There are some companies who don’t open the job posting. Thus, the candidates would like to be aware of the developments of these companies....
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Cover Letter

Cover letter is a form of self-explanatory, descriptive self-introduction that can be written in any job application. A well-crafted cover letter takes over information on your...

Teacher Cover Letters, Examples and Important Points

There are three factors in employment process: CV, cover letter and job interview. Firstly, you should have a well-prepared CV to be able to...
Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Formats and Examples

If you want to apply for a job, you should prepare your cover letter and CV or resume. Cover letter is your advertisement. It...