Cover Letter Template to Apply a New Job

A cover letter is the most effective factor to have a job interview.  It is more important than CV or resume. You can write your skills, educational background, social life, references, name and contact information in your CV or resume.

Like resume or a CV, a cover letter should have a special format and writing style. It should be prepared with caution and carefully. You can think it as a chance to introduce yourself, or an opportunity. While we read a book, we look at firstly its cover writing. If it is well, we buy that book. In a resume or CV, you can think cover letter like cover writing of a book. It should be so different that employer or Human Resources Specialist should want to look at it.

Tips for Using a Cover Letter Template

In your cover letter, you shouldn’t use exaggerated sentences; you should be far away exaggeration. Your cover letter shouldn’t include unnecessary words. You should express yourself humbly.

In your cover letter, you should have introduction – body – conclusion paragraphs. Firstly you have to organize your writing in your mind. Then you choose a cover letter format for your letter. How you will give importance the sections, can change according to the company which you will apply.

Cover Letter Template

Contact Information

In this section, you should write your contact information (your e-mail address, phone number, etc…).

Your Contact Information
Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address


Employer Contact Information
City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

Body of Cover Letter
You specify what position you apply for and why the employer should choose you for a job interview and how you will value the job.

Introduction Paragraph: This section is the part which you express who you are and where you see that job interview in your cover letter. You can introduce yourself with short sentences which will provide to link to the position you apply for. You mention about why you apply for this job application, how you reach this job application. If it is a general application, you can mention about your career expectations.

Body Paragraph: In this paragraph, you should entrance why you are interested in with this job application, which characteristics you are suitable for this job application, your experiences, why you give importance to this application. By expressing your characteristics, you can support them with examples. You can come to the employer’s notice by mentioning what you know about the company, why you apply for this position, why you are suitable for this position.

Conclusion Paragraph: In this part, you can mention about your application aim, what you know about the sector and the conclusions which you want to reach. You can write aim part of cover letter as a paragraph or clauses.

Complimentary Close

You can write here “Respectfully yours.”

Signature Part

Handwritten Signature

Typed Signature

An Example of Cover Letter

A sample of cover letter
Cover Letter

Cover Letter Template to Apply A New Job

Cover Letter Template to Apply A New Job

It is a cover letter about the position of social media manager. The applicant wrote her ideas as paragraphs with clear and short sentences.

Sending an Email Message

If you send your cover letter as an email message, you should use more different format than printed cover letters. You should add your subject to your e-mail message. By clicking on here, you can reach email cover letter template.