Thank You Letter After A Phone Interview

After a phone interview, there are so many important works which should be done and lots of details which should be thought on. After every interview, you should overthink your phone conservation again. Ask yourself that which question you gave better and more detailed answer, which question you couldn’t have replied. If you take notes and overthink your interview again after your every interview, you can be more successful in your other job interviews.

To write a thank you letter within 24 hours after your interview finished, will be a kindly behavior. You can find the opportunity how importance you give to your interview. Besides that, while the authority is reading your thank you letter, he or she can remember your feature which is necessary for that position. Thus, you can be one step ahead from other applicants.

Lots of employers say that they will call you when they decide about you. If you don’t have any reply in the given date, to call the company is more suitable act for you.

Other important detail after a phone interview is to reach the documents which are wanted from you, like a petition, reference, copy, etc.

In some instances, the authority can specify his or her ideas about you. To explain the conditions which will not make you glad, to the authority will be the most suitable behavior.

While writing a thank you letter, there are some points to consider.

Be Careful These Points

  • Handwrite your thank you letter. If you don’t have a chance to handwrite, of course you can write and send by e-mail. This letter should be short and include this information:
  1. Thank the authority because he or she spend his or her time with you.
  2. Specify which position you apply for.
  3. Mention about your interview to remind yourself.
  4. Describe that you are the best between all of applicants with one or two sentences.
  • Mention about people who you meet in the interview.
  • Keep your letter short. It should be less than 1 page.
  • Send your letter within 24 hours after the interview.
  • Write thank you letter to all interviews which you trust their results.
  • Explain the authority’s experience with 1-2 sentences.
  • Specify your position again.
  • Write something about the subject which you talk before. Specify what you can do about this subject for them. By mentioning about your skills to overcome these necessities, complete your letter.
  • Emphasize your eager to the job. It is very important for you to be eager and conscious for Human Resources Specialist, employer or manager. You can explain that you are more eager after the interview and you are more suitable for the position than other applicants.
  • Complete imperfect knowledge. You should evaluate your responses that you give in the interview after you go out it. Sometimes you would be aware of that you didn’t say an important information. But the phone interview finished. Don’t be sorry! Thank you letter gives one more chance to you to explain yourself. By adding this information to thank you letter, give a strong response to the question of “Why should we hire you?”.

Format of Thank You Letter

Subject Line (In this section, you should explain the position and thank you letter.)

Salutation (If you know name of the person whom you talk on phone interview, you can use Dr., Mr. or Mrs. But if you don’t know, you should use formally “To Whom It May Concern” as your salutation.)

First Paragraph (Remind your phone interview. Talk about some attention – grabbing things in your conservation. Mention about the position which you apply for.)

Second Paragraph (Evaluate this paragraph as your last opportunity to explain yourself to Human Resources Specialist or employer or manager. Write your skills by squaring with the necessities of the job position. Try to prove Human Resources Specialist or employer or manager for you to be suitable for that position.)

Final Paragraph (In this paragraph, thank Human Resources Specialist or employer or manager. Thank him or her because he or she gives that chance to have a phone interview to you with him or her.

*(If you want, you can add one more paragraph to your thank you letter and you can write that if they want, they can contact with you. Also, you have to add your phone number, e-mail address and mailing address to your thank you letter.)

Letter Closing

First Name and Last Name

E-mail Address

Phone Number

Examples of Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter - Example 1
Thank You Letter – Example 1 –


Thank You Letter - Example 2
Thank You Letter – Example 2 –