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An Acceptance Letter Example

Job Offer Acceptance Letter and Writing Steps with Examples

If you are offered a new job, and you think to accept it, you should write an acceptance letter. This is a professional act...
Cover Letter

How Should You Write A Cover Letter?

You want to apply for a job application. So, you need a cover letter. But you don’t know how to write your cover letter....
E-mail Cover Letter

Writing An E-Mail Cover Letter

A cover letter is a document that you use to give additional information about yourself before the job interview. Employers have to eliminate the...
Receptionist - gettyimages.com

Receptionist Cover Letter

Everyone cannot be a receptionist because you should be patient to be a receptionist. Some people have self confidence to be a receptionist; thus,...

While Resigning

To resign is sometimes both hard and necessary decision for you. In business life, to resign is demanded at least one time or you...
Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter, Examples, Templates and Types

Recommendation letter is a document which is an evaluation aspect in job applications. It is a writing which is written about you by your...
Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Formats and Examples

If you want to apply for a job, you should prepare your cover letter and CV or resume. Cover letter is your advertisement. It...