How Should You Write A Cover Letter?

You want to apply for a job application. So, you need a cover letter. But you don’t know how to write your cover letter. If you need to write a well-prepared cover letter, you can read our writing. We will mention about how to write a cover letter, what to include it, which writing types you should use while writing, etc.… Also, we will give examples, you can use them as your template.

What Does Cover Letter Mean?

A cover letter introduces you to your employer, it takes for one page. Your cover letter should complete your CV or resume with its content. It is an important aspect that you can take the reader’s attention.

To be able to create the most positive effect, firstly you should surf on web about how to write it, then you should design your cover letter in your mind, finally you start to write it. In this writing, you can focus on your personal and professional features. With this way, you can affect your employer or Human Resources Specialist.

Cover letter is also an indicator that how you express your ideas and yourself, and how you organize your ideas. Before writing cover letter, if you specify an approach to reader and a description strategy, you can have the result you want to take.

Cover Letter Types

There are totally three types of cover letter. Firstly, you should decide which one you will use, then you specify a template for your cover letter.

  • The application letter: About a known job opening. If you apply for a job application, you should use this type of cover letter.
  • The prospecting letter: About possible positions in a job. If you want to work in a company, you can try your chance. Maybe there is an empty position for you. You use this type of cover letter.
  • The networking letter: About information and assistance in your job search. If you demand for information in your job, you use this type of cover letter.

What Should A Cover Letter Include?

As you know, introduction – body – conclusion paragraphs are available in all kinds of writing. You should use this rule in also your cover letter.

In your introduction paragraph, you express who you are, how you reach this job application. You can introduce yourself with short sentences which are related to that job application. By specifying why, you apply for that job application, where you see it, you can mention about your expectations and career aims.

In your body paragraph, you can mention about how you are interested in that job or company, which characteristics are suitable for the job, your successes in your previous experiences, why you should be evaluated for that position. You can mention about your characteristics and if it is necessary, you can support your sentences with your experiences.

In your conclusion paragraph, you can mention about your application aim, your information about that company and results you want to reach. You can express why you choose them and why you want to work with them. You should show your information about the company. So, they can think that you especially search them, and you choose them. When you finish your letter, you should write your communication information and you thank the reader. Before sending your cover letter, you should check your grammatical and spelling mistakes.

How to Customize Your Cover Letter

It is quietly important for you. You should reorganize your cover letter according to different job applications. You can change your content, your information about company or job application. You should change which job you are applying for, how you learned about the job, why you are qualified for the job, what you have to offer the employer, why you want to work at this specific company, thank for the considered job.

A Template of Cover Letter

Header: You should write your and employer’s contact information (name, address, phone number, email).

Your contact information should include:
First and Last Name
Street Address
City, State Zip

Salutation: “Dr, Mr., Mrs.” of “To Whom It May Concern”.

Introduction Paragraph

Body Paragraph

Conclusion Paragraph


Important Points to Write A Well Cover Letter

  • You should be careful your salutation. If you don’t know the person’s name or surname, you should write “To Whom It May Concern”.
  • After completing your cover letter, certainly you should edit and proofread it. There can be grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • You should use short and clear sentences. Employer or Human Resources Specialist shouldn’t be bored while writing.
  • If it is necessary, you should give details about you. But your letter shouldn’t take more than one page.