Rejection of Job Offers

Employers sometimes offer new jobs in their company. However, people who would not like to work in this company. Thus, they say the rejection by means of email or meeting face to face. You may also get some offers from other companies who would like to work with you. But, you might not enjoy the opportunities the company provides you. And also, you may not feel that it is right time to work with them. Thus you should tell your gratitude about this offer by e mail or other ways. However, sending email or a letter is much more ethical than the other ways. It needs some important steps you should focus on during the rejection. This article shows some important steps you should pay attention to write a rejection email or a letter.

Rejection in Politeness

An email attributes formal and elegance for a rejection of offer. Do thank employers for this opportunity. And make some expression about why you accept another offer in polite way. Say the reality about this. You can prefer to reject this offer through the meeting face to face, but it is much more formal to send an email or letter, which shows your professionalism. Try to send your email or letter. Please be careful not to send a note in which your hand written is there. Keep your professionalism.

Tell Your Gratitude

Thank the employer or the person bringing the offer. Be sure about the struggles about they do. Don’t neglect the process you do during the interview. It takes much time to spend their time on investigation of resume, references. If you keep your politeness, don’t neglect this. And say that I do thank you so much for your offer of this position and interview you do.

Emphasis on Positive Things

You should be sincere during the writing. And then mention about positive sides of your opportunity and company. You can also mention about well prepared interview, qualified offer, which lets the administration feel much better.

Reasonable and Simple Reason

Keep your letter and email short and clear. Tell your honest explanations about your rejection. You can also make statements about the fact that you work in another company, so you can’t accept this offer ethically. If you spend too much time on the interview, you should consider much more reasonable way to explain the reason of rejection. You can say that you have decided to work in another company after thinking too much. Their offer seems nice; however, I don’t think that you will assess my qualifications on the base of my will. Behave professionally. You can also say that it is not right choice now in terms of my targets for career.

In addition, you don’t have to utter the details why you don’t want to work there. Don’t explain it widely.

Do Research about Company

Make many researches about the company as the time passes. You should assess the offer in detail by searching about company. Besides, you can have an idea about it by visiting the company, by seeing other employees there. Use your chance to question the company by analysis. If you are not sure completely, it doesn’t matter to wish your researching about this company. Don’t wait too much to tell your rejection.

Be Gracious

You should tell your rejection in an elegant way. Moreover, it must be difficult to reject an offer, if you handle the interview intimately. You should carry out rejection avoiding from annoying attitude toward employers. It will be right step to respect them. Don’t make wrong decisions and don’t become annoying person during this process. Besides, you can have other opportunities in the future in this company. So try to keep the doors open between you and the companies.

Recommend Other Candidates

Employers look for many candidates for the open positions. Therefore, they will find recommendation beneficial for them. You can say that one of your friends can work in this company for that position. And also you can add that he or she will be working in harmony. This recommendation shows that you would like to step forward that position, which will remind the employers in the future.

Be Modest

Keep your modest attitude.  Companies might compromise many cars and real estate or whatever. You mustn’t consider it primary opportunity. Submission is much more important than other valuable things, which gives a positive impression the minds.

Rejection Letter -
Rejection Letter –

All in all, there might be a lot of offers for open positions. However, you don’t want to prefer to work there for some reasons. It is right step to write down a letter or en email to show your rejection. However, you should focus on how to write down about this at first. Do analyze the opportunities at first make your own decision with considering in detail.  Best wishes to find out a satisfying job!