How to Write Resignation Letter?

Some people would like to resign from the position they work at. The period is quite difficult when you decide to write resignation letter despite the chances it has. You may come across different problems in your company. You might not have taken the money you have. Or, you must have experienced negative things. However, you shouldn’t write your resignation letter with adverse reaction. Thus, it is important step to resign in sentimental way with professionalism. Your voice should be mild and pleased on the resignation letter. This article depicts how resignation letter you should write and what points you should pay attention.

Resignation Letter

It is an official document that includes your wish to leave your work. When you submit it, the companies could want you leave as soon as possible. Or they may wish you to stay a little more.

Think Twice Before Resignation

You should think about the possibilities about next steps after resignation.  Think twice about minus sides and positive signs. And collect them in one paper. Give one more chance to your work. It shouldn’t be easy to leave the company. In addition, you should make some researches about other different areas for a job. Can you find a job easily? This answer is important nowadays. Since, the possibility to find a job is lower than the before.

Time to Resign the Position

You should also care about the time of resignation. For instance, if you have worked there less than 6 months, you should leave your resignation letter before 4 weeks. If you work there between 1 year and 3 years, Please be careful to resign before six weeks. Provided that you worked there more than 3 years, you should write it before e8 weeks. It is important to give importance to the time of resignation. Since, it depicts how loyal to your ethical affairs during your career life. Besides, it will enable you to gain plus points in the employers’ minds.

Format of Resignation Letter

Firstly, you should write communication information and basic data such as your name, address, phone number, email address and date you resign. In the second step you should write a part about employer communication information.

Salute with a formal language by using Dear Sir or Madam. And then you should write a paragraph about the fact you are resigning. But, be polite while uttering this part. Since, you shouldn’t leave a negative impression on the employers. The second paragraph should include gratitude and thankfulness towards employers. Besides you can talk about the skills they teach you during the process of working. In the third paragraph, you can use some statements showing that you have a candidate for the job instead of you.

You finish to write some statements such as your sincerely, respectfully yours. Besides, sign it with your name and signature.


Resignation -
Resignation –

Please Do For Resignation Letter

  • Give importance to write it clear with short statements.
  • Write the date, the name of position.
  • Write it for Human Resources
  • Please save your politeness or gentleness while you are forming resignation letter. Since, it is important to leave there with good impression.
  • Wish somebody’s help to write about good advertorials for the company on social media.
  • Get relaxed by breathing.
  • Submit your resignation letter before two weeks.
  • Complete your half tasks or else, you can leave a note which shows some details or steps to do during the work. This will be useful for the next worker or employee.
  • Do thank employers because of giving such a chance to work.
  • Say farewell to the other employees.
  • Try to get many references from that work you give resignation letter.


Please Don’t Do

  •  Don’t write long statements
  •  Please don’t write negative thoughts about the company
  •  Make a control level of your anger. Try to get calm down.
  • Don’t have any quarrels with any other employers or other employees. It is worthy being modest and patient worker during the career life.

All of these steps show what points you should pay attention during the formation of resignation of letter. Thus, you can anticipate how important step is to leave with a good effect on the company.  Giving much importance to an official resignation letter will give you many more advantages to open new ideas and opportunities.