Nowadays, Yahoo is known as e-mail service. Yahoo includes e-trade, e-mail services and it is available for long years. In recent years, it is in an intensive competition with big firms like Google, MSN, AOL, etc. Firm had a big collapse and it updated its softwares.

Yahoo’s History

Yahoo is a portal which is established by David Filo and Jerry Yang who are the students of Stanford University in the date of 1995. Firstly it was just a search engine, then it added e-mail service and news to its content. It is in the fourth line as the most visited website.

Yahoo Services

Yahoo has lots of services like Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! Games, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Hot jobs, Yahoo! LAUNCH cast, etc. As a website, you can reach from But you can reach from in Turkey. Yahoo is mostly used in USA.

  • Yahoo! Movie and Yahoo! Music are mostly used and they creates the biggest database. Yahoo! Music includes all of music in the world. It includes all of languages.
  • You can look for new jobs by using Yahoo! Hot jobs.
  • By using Yahoo! Finance, you can take detailed information about exchange index and equity share.
  • Yahoo! News helps you to follow learning about World’s news. Also you can play games from Yahoo! Games.
  • Yahoo! Launch cast Radio offers the feature of being the first thematic online radio. Users can create their own channels by giving their votes. And they can listen their music as quality and online.
  • Yahoo! Messenger is one of the most popular messenger program of the World. Not only you can send your message by text, but also you can send your message by video. Videos are quietly quality and they can be limited by used internet speed and web cam quality.
  • Yahoo is used in all of devices like IPhone, IPad, Mac, Windows, in IOS devices, etc.
  • If the user demands, he or she can follow weather conditions, sport, equity share and more activities by adding them to his or her program.
  • Program’s interface is quietly clear and it offers to make a quick conservation with online users.

Yahoo! Mail Features

  • Single Use Only E-mail Address: After you click on wheel symbol to create a single use only e-mail address, you can choose from “Create a Basic Name”. You can use this feature to be in security.
  • Veer Of Your E-mail Inboxes: To send all e-mails to your real e-mail address, you can benefit from e-mail transmitting feature. You can make it by regulating Accounts in Setting Part.
  • Dropbox: You can send your photos and files to your friends by uploading your Dropbox account to your Yahoo Mail.
  • Theme: You can change the appearance of Yahoo Mail and you can put different photos behind of your e-mails.
  • Preview: By activating preview part, you can read e-mails quickly. By clicking on “Preview Part” in Setting Part, you can save it.
  • Conversing: By activating to converse, you can use this feature of Yahoo Mail. You can use it to make more quickly and easier communication.