Curriculum Vitae Format

The first process of job application is sending a CV and if you want to arouse attention with your CV, you need to be careful about choosing a suitable CV template because even you have a good professional background; you have to represent them in a proper way. Thus, selecting a suitable temple is significant for first step.

A CV is an alternative way for resume because if we compare with these two tools, CV is more detailed and longer. In addition, CV usually indicates more information about one’s academic background and it is quietly used in research and medicine.

When we look at the tips of creating a great CV, we should say that CV needs to be about two pages. Also, you should not use ornate fonts because they will be hard to read. Thus, you need to prefer Times New Roman and similar fronts. Your front size should be 10-12 points and your name or section headings can be little bit bigger than this size.

The information that you include to your CV is also important because if you write some irrelevant professional background, it will be waste of space. In general, you have to write contact information, education, honors and awards, work experiences and skills in your CV. Also, you might add extracurricular activities and professional memberships. If you have a second language, you should indicate that too and your certificate or the place that you learned that language is significant. For example, IELTS top score 6. In addition, employers mostly want to include your photographs on your CV so in any case you should add you’re a headshot photo on your CV because a daily photo seems unprofessional.

Overall, if you have a powerful background and suitable CV template, do not worry about your application because you can come to employer’s notice.