Job Searching

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What About Your Salary Expectations?

There are many questions you can come across in the interview. Thus, one of the risky questions is about salary expectations. It is critical...
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Easy Ways to Find a Job

Some people can find a job that they have dreamed for a long time, while the others cannot come across a perfect opportunity that...
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Clues for Appreciation Letter

After meeting in an interview, you might need to thank your interviewer or related people in order to attract their attention along with spending...
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Types of Visas to Work in USA

Many people dream to travel or live in America nowadays. Thus, they research some alternatives to go there. However, not everybody is allowed to...
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How to Write Recommendation Letter

Some people who will graduate from the university degree would like to find a job easily. They do achieve this by means of lecturers...
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Functional Resume

There are many people who are applying for a job they want to take place in. So, their choices for types for resume alter,...
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Jobs for Finance

Finance is a mixed job. Do you like numbers or do the numbers have a meaning in your brain? Do Euro and Dollars have...
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Strict Questions for Interview

However you prepared yourself for the interview, there are many tricky questions the interviewers may ask you. You have to know how you can...
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Different Titles of Jobs

Job is a wide thing that has various branches in itself. It is such a huge world that it has some different titles. You...

Academic CV

Just now we will examine how to write an academic cv. Who Uses Academic CV? Academic CV is used by researchers such as doctor, master, research...