Functional Resume

There are many people who are applying for a job they want to take place in. So, their choices for types for resume alter, too. Some of the candidates choose chronological ones, while the others prefer to use functional ones to show themselves to the employers. There are also chances to use them both for the resume. But provided that you prefer the skills and experiences to appear as sharking for the position that is open, you should prepare your resume with functional format of resume. It is up to you; however, it will be useful for your experiences to seem more professionally. That is to say, if you think that your experiences are attractive, you should choose the option for functional resume. This passage highlights what the functional is, how you should prepare it, points that you should pay attention during set of functional resume.

Functional Resume

It is a resume in that your skills and experiences participate in a more professional way. It is not a change as cosmetic alteration. However, it is the style of presentation of your features. The kind of resume will enable you to join in the interview next days. Thus, in functional resume, you should divide your categories of success and functions into the parts. It is important in that it highlights your successes and skills you own. For instance, a person who would like to work in the department of human resources should match with the requirements of a job. That is to say, employer will have an idea about whether the candidate possesses appropriate skills or not for open position. In addition, this kind of resume is preferred by the candidates who have been working for many years in various sectors.

How It Is Set?

You should pay attention on the relevant skills with open job posting. That is to say, it should be in accordance with both skills and the requirements.

You can glance at an example of functional resume for a purchasing manager below.

Name: John Carter

Address: Star EVENUE

Phone: 053XXXXX

Email: [email protected]



  • Working to make catalogues correlation with the department of purchasing for the products anchored
  • Determining whether the products purchased are suitable for the specifications or not.
  • Meeting with the firms that provide with stuff or materials.


Planning Productivity

  • Investigation over the orders on the base of materials and time
  • Generating production planning with Production Manager in terms of demands
  • New simulation working for new projects
  • Preparing new instructions concluding working flows.


  • Coordinating materials in order that they will be sent to the areas of production.
  • Provision of security and direction in the areas of production.
  • Assurance for storage, transportation and security of products that are suitable for specifications


You can see the positions and skills are much more important than chronological ones. It is important to give many more details about your success and functions and positions you have before. Thus, it will be easy for the employer to choose an appropriate candidate for the open position.

Functional Resume - jobscan.co
Functional Resume – jobscan.co

Points You Should Focus

There are many points that you should concentrate on the functional resume.

Changing Occupations

If you often change your job, you should utilize this kind of resume. Since, it will be full of the positions you have. And it will be a good advantage for you to seem a skillful person.

Write Skills Matching With Requirements

You should give much importance to the skills that are on the job posting. Thus, you should divide your skills and successes on the base of expected skills. It will be much more attractive for the employers. You will be able to facilitate the employers’ work through this option.

Prepare With Parts of Skills

You can set the parts by means of your skills and successes. It is significant to seem as a functional and thematic feature. You should give the details by means of the parts including skills or positions you have not in chronological order.

Research Job Posting Well

Look over the job posting many times to utilize important skills and expectations. You can divide the expectations into the parts on the base of your experiences. It will transform into the advantage to call you for the interview easily.

Awards and Successes You Collect

You can write about your achievements in accordance with job proposal. It is very important to be professional. Your resume will smell quality and qualifications with your achievements. You can mention about these valuable experiences in detail to attract attention.

Don’t Forget Cover Letter

Cover letter is a useful summary of your resume. You should write a well organized cover letter to provide the accordance with your resume. Through this way, you will enable the employers to have a good idea about yourself. Besides, the employers will reduce the doubts about a candidate like you. Maybe, it will open new doors for you with a new beginning.

All in all, you can set a well organized functional resume full of your skill, successes and qualifications. Thus, you should pay attention on these details well in order to bring about the voice of your resume. Besides, new beginning and new doors in the companies will be waiting for you following days. To achieve this, prepare well designed format of functional resume and the employers will hear you easily through the steps you possess. Get a move on preparing it well! Maybe you are wanted candidate for the companies.