While Resigning

To resign is sometimes both hard and necessary decision for you. In business life, to resign is demanded at least one time or you have to resign. So, you should take the decision of resignation in the correct time and you should manage your decision successfully. If you are failure while resigning, it effects your whole business life.

What is the best way to resign from a job? While you are resigning from your job, it is important to be professional and respectful. If it is possible, you offer a valid reason to your employer and write a formal resignation letter. Be ready for resigning before you give your resignation letter.

How to Resign from Your Job?

Even if you hate your boss or you are eager for starting to a new job, to take a decision of resignation is not easy. If you think to leave from your job, you should think in detail.

Firstly you should be sure completely that you want to leave from your job. Look over advantages and disadvantages of your resignation! You should think this issue in detail. What are disadvantages and advantages of your resignation? Be sure that you are leaving from your job with correct reasons. You shouldn’t be unrespectful to your boss or your old colleagues. Maybe you need their references for your next job applications. If you find a new job but you are not sure the position that you will work, go to office and look over there before your resignation. Maybe you can decide not to make a resignation.

Calculate choices! Did you have a new job offer? Compare advantages and disadvantages of your previous job and that new job. Think your new salary, vocation days, working hours, your earnings in detail.

Offer a valid reason! If you have an agreement which specifies the reasons for leaving from your job, act as suitable for it. If you don’t have, confirm your employer or Human Resources Specialist about that you will leave from your job after two weeks. You don’t need to go on your job! If your boss wants you to work more than two weeks, you don’t need to do it. Your new employer will be waiting for you to start your new position in the date that you and your new employer decide. If you are in such situation, you can help your old employer by e-mail or phone.

If you want to resign from your job, you should write your resignation letter. But sometimes you can express your resignation by phone or e-mail. Write your resignation letter! However you resign, you should certainly write your resignation letter. You don’t need to say something more than your resignation to your boss. Talk about contribution of the company to you. Emphasize them positively. Advise about changing duration. You shouldn’t be negative. Just you are resigning from your job.

Demand a reference letter from your boss. When you apply for new job applications, maybe they demand a reference letter from you. So, you should want it from your boss.

Eight Valid Reasons for Resigning From Your Job!

  1. If you find a new job, it is the best reason for resigning from your job. Be sure that you think everything about the new job in detail. Don’t forget to clean your office and computer before you give your resignation.
  2. If you hate your job, it is so normal to leave your job. You should make a strategical plan to resign from your job. By fixing suitable conditions, you can resign.
  3. If you are ill, you should resign. If you have a health problem within your family or about you, it can be a good reason for resigning from your job.
  4. If you are not glad of your working office, you go to work without demanding. Instead of living this bad situation, you should resign.
  5. If working program and hours are a problem for you, firstly describe your problem to your boss. If he or she cannot solve it, you resign.
  6. If you want to go on studying, it can be necessary to change your job for you.
  7. If you move from another city, it is the best decision to resign for you. Maybe you want to work from another city. So, you can ask whether you can work as freelance or not.
  8. If you have a permanent job opportunity, if you want to improve yourself and make a better career, one of the best and most correct reason is to resign.

Why to Write a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is a letter which you will write to your boss, Human Resources Specialist or your colleague about your resignation. It should be given before two weeks. While resigning, you should demand for a reference letter from your boss or your colleague or Human Resources Specialist. Your resignation letter should be professional. It should be also formal. To resign is a hard duration but it can be made easily if you are formal and professional.

Some Clues to Write a Resignation Letter

  1. Length of a resignation letter: Keep your letter short. I think you don’t want to write why you don’t like your available job or why you choose your new job. Generally resignation letters take for just one page.
  2. Font and size: Use a classic font like Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman. Your writing size should be between 10-12.
  3. Global pattern: You should be careful your paragraph pattern.
  4. Trueness: Don’t give your resignation letter before you regulate it. You should check your punctuation marks or spelling or grammar mistakes. You can check them from Mc Office Word. After you check all of them, show it your friend or your family member to check one more time.
  5. E-mail: Generally, resignation letter is given by hand and this issue is talked face to face. But you need to send your resignation letter by e-mail in some situations. Maybe you cannot reach your boss or you have a big problem with your authority. So, you can send it by e-mail. A resignation letter which you send by e-mail, should have the same feature with the resignation letter which you give by hand.