Where do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” is a question which is mostly asked in job interviews. This question gives a message about the applicant’s career planning. Even if it is an ordinal question, it summarizes perspective of the applicant. This question is important both job interviews and you. It is important to find other important questions’ answers to find the correct answer for this question.

To be able to predict after 5 years is so hard. At least, we can know what we like to do, how our dreams are. We should know ourselves well, we have to identify our skills and we can query our choices. Will you be happy in your available job? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is the company which you apply for a new job, a place which you can work after 5 years?

Firstly, you should know that you will come across this question in all of your job interviews. It provides you to introduce yourself to a person who doesn’t know you, and it provides you to form your career. You should give answers to these questions before you find a correct answer for the question of “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”.

How Should I Have A Work Environment?

You should think how work environment you want to have during your career. Is it a home-office or a comfortable office in a city or a relax place in a small village? Someone likes competition and likes being a race. Someone likes an office which everyone is relax and has their own working area. Besides that to work from home is mostly preferred nowadays. You should decide how work environment you want to have and how work environment help you make successful jobs.

Business Environment
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Do I Want to Make My Own Job?

Everyone wants to do their own job in a specific period of their life. Actually there are serious responsibilities to have a job. People who tried to do it, can return to work in an office. So, you should give an answer to the question of “Should I work in my job or should I work in a corporate company with a specific salary and social rights?”

How Should I Have Utility Items?

As you know that you cannot see doctors who have long hairs, beard and tattoo. You cannot come across such people except for fashion sector. You shouldn’t forget that your clothes give information about your job. How do you want to wear in your workplace? Do you want to wear sport or suit with a tie? Which one? You should decide how you want to wear in your workplace. It can help you give an answer to the question of “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Do I Want to Travel While Working?

Someone likes by sitting at home or at office but some people like travelling while they are working. So, there are two groups. Which one are you? It is important to give a correct answer to this question to have a nice business life.

How Much Salary Should I Have in 5 Years?

Maybe this question is the most important question for a worker because a salary promotes a worker. He or she works for a month to earn his or her money. So, you should think how much salary is enough for you. If you make plans and dream for the future, you should estimate it. Of course, you cannot calculate your salary so well but you can estimate it. Economic changes can prevent you to estimate. Even so, you should think how much salary will make you happy, how much salary you dream to earn.

Do I Want to Be a Manager After 5 Years?

To be a manager is a hard job but maybe you want to have a promotion. Maybe you can be a manager in a company which you start to work as an assistant.

Under Which Conditions I Will Continue Working in The Same Job in 5 Years?

This question is related to your salary expectation. Because life conditions will change with your salary expectation. Also, some important points play a big role like your priorities, working conditions, skills and job that you want to do. You can make big changes in your life in 5 years. Maybe you get married, you can have a baby, etc.

Do You Dream?

Do you have any dream about your career? Lots of us try to earn more money and we don’t think our dreams. However, to dream is necessary to be happy in the business life. Mostly people don’t make it and they have a routine business life. If you don’t have any expectation from the life, you cannot be happy and successful. There is a sentence which is mostly used in business life “If you don’t fall, you cannot be higher!” You should start from the beginner and then you can be in higher position. You can be even a manager.


Actually, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” is an important question for you. You should think questions which will be able to ask to you in a job interview, in detail. You should make it while you are planning your career and you shouldn’t wait a job interview to find its answer. If you have a dream, you are so important for an employer. It shows that that worker uses offered opportunities as the best.