What Military Branch to Participate

There are many people who would like to join for military. However, they should think about the fact that they would like to work for the country or whether they would work by travelling. Before working in military service or their branches, they should complete necessary education and training, too. All the people who would like to work in military service should face up to the reality of its difficulties. Provided that you would prefer to work in this branch, you should be aware of its results. What branch of military service is suitable for you? You should answer this question after reading this passage. This passage helps you what military branches are suitable for you offering you some ideas.

 Be Aware of Military Branches

If you want to join military services, you should be aware of the fact that it is not like the civil servant.

You don’t have a job that is regular

Time to go for a work is not clear. It doesn’t resemble civil servant.


There is also contract that is obligation to sign. You should obey the rules that the contracts present.


There are some punishments if you don’t obey the rules. For instance, you can go to the prison provided that you don’t follow the rules.

Hinder of Boss

Whatever title or rank you have, you should obey the boss’ orders. Since, you have to give an oath before getting into the military. Don’t forget that there might be possible punishments ıf you don’t obey them.

You should travel, too

In almost each military service expects people to travel abroad lasting for even approximately six months. You should be away from your house for months sometimes for a year.

Which Branch Is Suitable for You?

Then, you will decide what branch is suitable for you in this area. Each are has principles and rules in itself. Thus, you should decide what branch is interesting for you. And you should decide what branch you are keen on. Don’t let anyone to interfere with your decision. Besides, there are some different routes in education in each department of military. Thus, you should do some researches about each department well.

For Marines

Would you like to shoot? You will change your life with this department, if you like shooting. Besides, you must be loyal to your boss. Thus, Marine Corps can be good choice for you. Marines are working in the ships along Iraq and Afghanistan. And also, they work each hour in a day non-stop.

For Army

It is much more flexible than the others. Do you prefer to struggle in the muddy earth? Thus, it is for you. You will serve in the fields via this job. The soldiers are going to Iraq along with Korea, Bosnia and Germany. There are also nice places you can work, which can be exciting for you. However, some ranks in the army would require the soldiers to get education in a different way passing through numerous steps.

For Navy

Everybody would like to travel if you are not married. This job can be exciting if you are not a dad. But if you have a son or daughter, you should think twice before beginning this job. Many people who work in Navy really had difficulty to concentrate on their life. Since, they use their time on the sea too much. It has also some traditions in itself.

Navy for Military - royalnavy.mod.uk
Navy for Military – royalnavy.mod.uk


For Coast Guard

It is important to save oceans or seas. Besides, they save the citizens’ lives. And also they recognize explosive ordnance and they send messages to related people and institutions. In addition, they hinder smuggling via sea or oceans. And also they are well educated or trained in order to swim.

For Air Forces

It is really regular job for the people. Air forces can be advantage for the people who would like to get ahead in military. They generally travel to Afghanistan, Arabia or Iraq. However, be aware of the fact that you can travel to these countries for eight months in a year.

For National Guard and For Reserves

Each department has a national guard in Air Forces or Navy. However, it is National Guard that provides necessary active forces. But they are different in that individual state government is responsible for National Guard, while reserves are responsible for federal government.  But they both provide active forces in emergent situations.

They both also work in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. However, they have special education and training program.

Commissioned Officers

They earn much more money than enlisted ones. Their standards are higher than others. Yet, they own many more things to do, which show that they have many responsibilities. If you complete the university degree, you can get in to these areas, too. And also to participate in this department, you must have a good grade point average, too.

And The End

You should decide what branch of military attracts you too much. You can talk to the recruiters in order to get idea about your decision. However, don’t ignore the physical necessities for military. If you don’t have any idea about what branch you should move ahead, recruiter will show you empty positions in military. Thus, you can try it on the base of your successes and scores. Besides, if you don’t enjoy the position you own, please go back to various branches.

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