What is your career goal?

Your career goal is your answers to the questions you ask yourself based on your expectations about your business life. It is a definition that should be formed with your comments, reflects your wishes and clearly expresses your expectation of the person in front of your business life. You may often determine your career goals with questions such as ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ or ‘What position do you think to rise up to our company?’

Focusing on a goal that is essential in setting a career goal and trying to reach it.

What Are Your Career Goals?

One of the typical questions asked in job interviews is “What are your career goals? or Can you talk about your goals for the future? The reason why interviewers often ask this question is because they learn your future goals and plans. At the same time, after hiring and working in another company, try to understand whether you will work or not. Also, what the employer wants to know is whether your goals for the future are intersected or not. Because educating new employees is both tiring for both time and money. Therefore, you can briefly talk about your future plans.

Career Goal
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For example you can explain like that; My long-term plans include working in a growing company that I can always learn, take new responsibilities and add value to myself. I am happy to work in your company because it offers professional development opportunities to its employees. So, I aim to show my best performance by taking advantage of these opportunities offered by your company. In additional, I believe that in a strong institution like you, I will be a well-performing employee. And, I want to improve my personal skills and skills related to my profession.

After working and gaining enough experience, like any other employee in this position, I would also like to move from technical to executive position. But now I’m looking forward to showing you my technical skills.

What Is The Point You Want to Reach?

Business standards, training standards, such as many different factors, even though the employee wants to reach according to the time intervals determined by the key points of success. To answer this question, there are a few questions that need to be answered first:

  • Which professions have I known so far and which ones have come closer to me?
  • Which one of them matches my ability and my character?
  • How far can I go to my chosen career in my career?
  • Did I get the necessary educations?

What Is The Importance of Your Career Goals?

Setting goals, putting them in a specific order and taking appropriate steps in line with these goals bring success in business life. You must base your goals on realistic basics. The educations that you get, the skills you have to guide your goals.

If you are satisfied with your work, your goals will increase in this direction. Career experts offer self-assessment in target development. A team of personality tests gives you the idea of what work is best for you by recognizing yourself and your personality.

You should definitely have alternatives to your destination, not overdo it, and you should not take over what you can do. In addition, you need to research what kind of training can be taken about the point you want to reach in your career; Your colleagues will play an important role in your career goal.

The time you plan to set goals is very important. It is easier for you to reach your goals in the short term, but long-term goals may lose flexibility and feasibility in time.