What is Business Casual Attire?

Let’s say; to wear as business casual attire is a basic in your new job. But you don’t know how you will wear. It isn’t important. Don’t worry! To understand what business casual attire is, isn’t as easy as to understand what a suit is. But you don’t need to be an engineer to understand what it is.

It is so clear that to wear a t-shirts, sundress and sandals are too casual but a full suit and a tie are too formal. To learn more about this topic, you can read our writing.

Business Casual Attire Basics

Business Casual Attire
What is Business Casual Attire?

What is Business Casual Attire?

For Women:

Women have lots of choices to wear as business casual attire. They can make a combination with their blouses and dress slacks. They also can make a combination with their twinsets with skirts. Women should wear closed-toe shoes.  Any working girl should have the following staples in her wardrobe:

  • Khaki, corduroy, twill, or cotton pants or conservative-length skirts
  • Sweaters, twinsets, cardigans, polo/knit shirts
  • A professional dress – try a sheath silhouette
  • Solid colors are preferable over bright patterns

For Men: 

Men have least choices to wear as business casual attire according to women. To wear is easier for them. They can wear sweater, they also can wear a combination with skirt and dress slacks. If they want, they can use a tie. It is optional. The following will help you solidify good standing at a new job.

  • Khaki, gabardine, wool, or cotton pants, neatly pressed
  • Cotton long-sleeve, button-down shirts, pressed
  • Sweaters
  • Leather shoes, in black and brown
  • Leather belt, in black and brown
  • A selection of tie.

Additional Dress Code Rules to Consider

  1. Look Before You Leap: When you start a new job, you should firstly understand company’s standards. In job interview, you wear more formal than business casual attire. You cannot wear shorts and short skirts. When you prepare for a job interview, you want to make a good impression.
  2. Maintain Consistency: Maybe on Friday, you can wear as casual. If you wear professional and conservative for all week, you shouldn’t change your wearing on Friday. You should maintain consistency. In some companies, to wear jean can be accepted. But you should wear your best jean. Your casual Friday should be suitable for a surprise meeting and it should be formal enough to go everywhere you want. How company you work, it isn’t important. If you wear as business casual attire, you can provide trust.
  3. Consider Your Calendar: If you are meeting with your clients, customers or colleagues or authorities, Human Resources Specialists, you shouldn’t wear your favorite old t-shirt, ripped jeans, ratty sneakers, or flip-flops. You should choose one of your clothes which are for business, you should forget your old comfortable clothes. Men shouldn’t forget to shave and they must use a belt. Women should not wear anything that’s too tight, flowing, short, or low cut. And they should have a natural make-up and low-key.

What to Wear When There’s No Dress Code

If there is no dress code, how should you wear? How casual is too casual? Firstly, you should be careful not to be too formal and also informal. Your clothes should be clean and they should be beautiful. They reflect your character. So, you don’t need to wear too colorful clothes.