What is a Letterhead Design

What is a Letterhead Design?

A letterhead design is a paper that generally includes the logo of a company and its name, also addresses and the other contact information. It is showed and evaluated as a powerful tool of the corporate identity. It may strength the brand of the company. Institutionalism is a very influential factor in today’s competitive business environment and every company wants to be institutionalized. Because it basically means being reliable and known.  In other words, by institutionalism the brand of the company may be more powerful so many companies struggle to be institutionalized. Companies can print letterhead in compatible with their wishes and desires. This increases the importance of letterhead for companies because letterhead is a kind of authenticity. The colours that will be used on letterhead are another important issue. The colours contain important messages for the companies and their visions.

Letterhead Design

How to Create a Design of the Letterhead?

A letterhead design is very important to express the identity of a company as powerful as possible. A good decision should be made for the design of the letterhead. You can review the some design steps for a letterhead. Here are the some steps for the design below:

  • The company logo, company and address information should be found on it
  • The colours used in the design should be light colours. The colour most commonly used or preferred by institutions is white
  • In the designs, it is possible to obtain a very simple but elegant image by using appropriate vectors for logos or emblem.
  • If you decide to create a design for a letterhead, you can easily benefit of the templates.

Letterhead Design

What are the Points to note in a Design of Letterhead?

As we explained, the design is one of the key factors of the Institutionalism.  So, when you create it, be careful about the some details and the important points. We are listing some of them below:

  • The logo or emblem dimensions mustn’t be too large when working for the design of a letterhead paper
  • Vectors that are used in the design should match the logo and colours. Any incompatibility will look very bad in the design
  • The design should be absolutely simple, not complicated
  • The logos of the companies are placed in a transparent form in and they are located on the right or left upper corner
  • On a classic letterhead paper, on the top of the paper there are the emblem and name of the company and on the bottom there are the address of the company and other contact information. There may be different formats
  • The letterhead should look Professional

Letterhead Design

The Design Templates

In order to create your design for the letterhead; you have a very practical option that is provided free of charge for the users. The ready templates are offered by many websites. You may visit the following websites:

  1. www.psprint.com
  2. www.canva.com
  3. www.templatelab.com
  4. www.freeletterheadtemplates.net
  5. www.smiletemplates.com

Choose a letterhead design template, download and customize it according to your needs.