What are Excuses for Missing Work?

There are lots of different kinds of people in business life. If you are an employer, you know human phycology. Sometimes, workers don’t want to go to work. Of course, they can not say this situation, instead of saying it, they find any excuse. These excuses can be good or bad.

There are some people who say that they forget any important material and they return, take it and so they are late. There are also some people who are in traffic and they are so late.

I think there is no person who is not late for the work. In summer days, you can bored of working and prefer not to go for working.

The Most Punctual Workers: Teachers

According to the results of researches; teachers are the most punctual workers within all of occupation groups. The people who are managers in public or special sector, are the latest workers.

The other group who are always late, are new workers to business life. Generally, as a reason of being late is to drop asleep. And other general reasons are traffic, fatigue and busses and minibuses.

People who are less late for workplace, show as a reason their illnesses or weather conditions. Woman workers are generally late because they can not decide what they will wear. Man, workers are generally late because they go to bed lately.

Symptom Complex of Tardiness

Nowadays, the weather is getting colder. You may not want to go out from your bed in the mornings. By postponing your alarm clock, you can be late for your job. But it can be a reason to be given the chop.

You can love sleeping so much or you may not love working too much. But you should know that you have to work to earn money and to create your career. There are some important points that you can try not to have symptom complex of tardiness.

  • To be able to wake up on time, you should sleep well, so you shouldn’t eat oily food at evenings.
  • Films and discussion programs can affect your sleep quality. You should be careful in this situation.
  • Time is technology time. You may use your phone at even bed. But you should know that it affects your sleeping quality.
  • Prepare your clothes, shoes and etc. from evening. So, you can earn more time.
  • If you have a shower at evening, you don’t need to spend time in the shower at morning.

To Be Late for Work isn’t Your Crime!

If you close your alarm clock before waking up in the morning, you don’t need to hang your head. The crime is not yours, it is your starting hour for work.

Every person has his or her body hour. If it is not suitable for starting hour for work, it is too hard to wake up at that hour. When work hours are suitable for people’s body hour, you can work more health, more concentrated, less stressed. So, you can be more creative in your job.

But the problem is not related to how much you slept. It is also related to how much you sleep more quality. Before sleeping, you should make a preparation for sleeping. Firstly, you should be away from stressed films, horrible programs. You have to be away from phone, PC, electronical things.

Alternative Excuses About Being Late for Work

  1. It was an accident on the way.
  2. I had too much traffic.
  3. Maybe I went out home but I forgot my wallet at home, so I had to go back to home. I took it and came here. So, I am late.
  4. Appointments
  5. Maybe I was little ill. I waited to recover so I couldn’t come on time.
  6. I lost my phone so I looked it for long hours. So, I am late.
  7. Family Emergency
  8. Family Illness
  9. Car Troubles (if you have a car, you can use this excuse.)
  10. Babysitter problems.

Employment Termination

What happens if the worker is always late for work? If the worker is always late for work and it increases day by day, you should remind your business contract to your worker. So, the worker can understand his or her mistake. There is transaction of business. What is it? It means the hours when the worker should be in workplace. If the worker isn’t in the office for necessary hours, there is a problem and if you want, you can even give him or her the gate. Of course, you don’t want to decide such thing. You can talk with your worker in this situation.