Letter of Introduction

What’s Letter of Introduction?

Letter of introduction is an effective article for a company or a person’s product. you must give importance to content while you promote a product or a brand at various sites or on different platforms. The clarity of the content will directly affect the rate of return from the target group.

A letter of introduction can be in various ways depending on the type of product to be promoted and the purpose of the promotional text. However, each promotional letter has a certain pattern. Individuals should prepare the introduction letter in the shortest and most meaningful way to the recipient. It is important to express with short and meaningful sentences.

What is the Purpose of a Introduction Letter?

The purpose of the letter will be to reach the recipient accurately and effectively. You can write an introduction assays in many areas such as a painting exhibition of an artist, a book of an author, the introduction of a city or village, the introduction of a religious space such as a mosque, a church and a cosmetic product and the promotion letter will bring you success in the long term.

In additional, individuals can write an introduction letters for commercial purposes, at hobby level or on volunteerism. Nowadays, mostly book presentations are artistic and therefore not based on any material expectations. However, they write an introduction of commercial products for commercial purposes.

How to write a letter of introduction

What are the Highlights to Consider in an Introduction?

 An Effective Title: It is important to use an impressive title in the introduction. It is your title that will affect your target group. A promise within the title or a remarkable expression will attract attention.

Highlights: You have to emphasize important words or phrases. Also, you should highlight the warnings that you want attention as bold or underline.

Introduction, Development Section, Conclusion: Proper and atractive content will keep the user on the page.

Search Engine Optimization: Thanks to promotional letters, your site may rank higher in the search engines from keywords. The effect of promotional letters is not limited to keywords. At the same time, thanks to the backlinks you will get through your promotional letters, your site technically has many different positive interactions.

Do Follow Link: You should make sure that the backlinks you get from the articles published for your site are do follow links. In this way, Do follow links means backlinks that refer to your site.

An example Letter of Introduction

You can examine an example of introduction letter at below.

ABC Company created its own brand with the experience of 15 years in IVD sector in 2000 and entered the global market with Eliza (EIA) Kits. Thanks to its experience in national and international legislation, it has succeeded in getting all the approvals from the relevant authorities in a short time. It provides its customers with quality products and services in accordance with the regulations in all stages of the product.

At the beginning of 2003, ABC aimed to offer a broader range of products to our customers, including our surgical yarns.

All of our employees do their job fondly. Thus it does not compromise on quality with its products and service. We continue to rise thanks to our warm relations with our customers. ABC Company, with its innovative approach, produces high quality products and provides high quality services and strengthens its place in the global market with confident and reliable steps.

We believe that in the years to come, “ABC Company” will be the name of a brand that determines the pulse of the market. Because the ABC Company family as our, our strength is “HEALTH!”.


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