Technical Skills and Effects on Business Life


Technical skills are utilization skill of method, outfit and duration. Manager has information about how he or she will manage his or her company. One of activity factor of managers is technical information level related to their job.

Skill is to be able to learn something and power of benefitting from teaching of a specific information and ability. Person is born with his or her skills to be able to do something.

What to Write to “Skills” Part in CV?

To prepare a CV has an effective role on the duration of accepting for the job. So, you should take consideration lots of important points while you are writing your CV. The most attractive part of your CV is “Skills” part for an employer. By listing your suitable skills to your position which you apply for, you can increase your chance.

Communication Skills:

  • Effective written – oral communication
  • To be able to attend to group discussion
  • Inclination to teamwork
  • Persuasive ability
  • Job Interview Skills

Study Skills:

  • Creativity
  • solve problems
  • produce alternative solutions for problems
  • notice possible resources
  • pick information
  • To have aims
  • To be able to evaluate requirements
  • Analyzing skill
  • To be able to develop innovative strategies

Human Resources Skills:

  • To be able to have a friendly relationship
  • To be a good listener
  • To express emotions
  • Management skill
  • To be able to discuss with due regard
  • Organization skill

To Specify Leadership Features:

  • develop new ideas
  • To be able to think on details
  • manage groups
  • To be a teacher
  • Consultancy skills
  • To be able to have quick and effective decisions

Skill of Crisis Management:

  • To be successful in stress management
  • To be able to manage information
  • To be punctual
  • to be successful in timing management
  • To give importance to details
  • take responsibilities
  • work as organized

Effective Skills in Business Life

  1. Timing Management: Effective timing management is one of the most valuable skills for employers, Human Resources Specialists or managers. Of course, there is no just one method. The important one is to find a suitable system for you and to be able to accord.
  2. Show Empathy Towards: The most humanistic skill of a worker is to able to feel how another person feels and to be able to make an empathy. Because you can have the biggest wealth or you can the most successful person in the world. If you don’t understand another person, you are none.
  3. Quality Sleep: If you have a quality sleep at night, you can have more quality day. A quality sleep makes easier to wake up. So, you can be more efficient within your day.
  4. To Talk Positively: While you are talking, thinking, focusing on a detail, don’t forget to be positive. If you are always positive, you are always one step ahead from others.
  5. To Listen: You generally reply mails and give answers to phone callings. So, you should be an active listener.
  6. To know to keep quiet: If you are nervous or stressed, it is the best way to have a day without problem. As well as you know to talk, you also should know to keep quiet.
  7. Make Your Best: Whatever you want to make, whatever you want to do, think it and be the best one in that job.
  8. Take Care of You: You should just focus on your job. Another people’s job is not interested in you.
  9. To want for a Help: No one wants to be seen insufficient and thin. To want for a help shows your professionalism. And it shows you more skilled.
  10. Consistency: Generally people leave to work when they reach the top. You should be more hardworking and consistent to protect the top. Consistency is so important to go on your success.

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