Retirement Term

Retirement is a sweet curse which is waited impatiently and is dreamt for all business life, and when it comes, it is a sweet curse which affects a person badly. When it is said “retirement”, the first thing to come to mind is hobbies, preoccupations and choices to fill up free time.

Even if to retire is to stop business life, not to work for a person is not so healthy because we, as a person, are accustomed to work for all of our life. We cannot stop without working. But we can make more different things instead of working in hard conditions.

People who try to become familiar with retirement idea, have such questions in their minds;

  • “I am afraid of getting bored!”
  • “How can I spend my days without making anything?”
  • “How can I have new hobbies after this age?”

Actually these questions are not suitable for retirement but their solution is quietly easy.

When Does Period of Retirement Start?

When we say “retirement”, people feel in so much different moods themselves. Because there are seven periods of retirement. While we are trying to understand ourselves, we can take consideration these periods.

  1. Early Retirement Period of Retirement: Retirement periods and effects of these periods start before retirement period. This period is lived in median ages. It is too early to think retirement but people start to think it. Their ideas take a form about retirement but it is not too much important for them.
  2. Near Retirement Period of Retirement: This period includes a worker feels himself or herself near to retirement and he or she starts to count days. In this period, to retire is scary for people. It creates to move away from life, unemployment, not to know what to do, not to benefit for anything, panic. This period ends with retiring.
  3. Honeymoon Period of Retirement: It is first months of retirement. Sometimes it ends in short time, sometimes it takes long time. In this period, people are not workers, they are retired. You feel freedom, happiness, comfortability and keeping away from stress.
  4. Disappointment Period of Retirement: Honeymoon period ends with disappointment period. A retired can feel himself of herself empty and useless. Maybe you can live health problems or economic problems.
  5. Accommodation Period of Retirement: It is a period which starts when you decide to fix your disappointments. It is a period that retired people are open for a help or new hobbies, activities, and new people, etc.
  6. Balance Period of Retirement: This period is a period that a retired person make a plan of his or her life, has a new hobby and spends a good time.
  7. Ending of Retirement: Retirement life can end with a death, a serious disease or returning to business life, etc.

The Golden Age: Retirement

You shouldn’t forget that retirement is your golden age! Retired people have experienced and quality brains that they learn everything and product something. When you are retired, you shouldn’t goof off. You should go on producing something. Retirement is an opportunity that you can evaluate so well. It is your golden age.

To Prepare for Retirement

People work so intensively in their workplaces and they cannot think to make a preparation for their retirement. They calculate their retirement salaries but they don’t have any idea about preparation. You wake up at 6 o ‘clock for at least 20 years and you go to home at 7 o’clock. Suddenly, your life changes and you don’t have a workplace or a programmed life. You don’t need to leave business life suddenly.


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