Resume and Resume Types

To prepare your resume sometimes can be mixed. To be able to choose the correct form, font and writing style can be harder than it seems. It is important to specify the most suitable resume type between so many different resume types. Even if chronological resume is mostly used, to know how you can benefit from other types of resume is important and necessary. While you are choosing the most suitable resume type according to your need, you can benefit from the list at below.

Resume Types

Chronological Resume

General Features: It lists your history from your newest work to your previous works. This type is mostly used and also understandable easily. Work experience is important. Such resumes have some risks. Because dates are written too much, if you change so many works, it can be a bad approach for you.  This type of resume has two forms: directly chronological resume and indirectly chronological resume. In directly chronological resume, you write your information by starting from the oldest to the newest one. In indirectly chronological resume, you write your information by starting from the newest to the oldest one. Employers like to see dates on your resume. Because it gives trust to them. If you often change your work, if you don’t have enough work experience, you shouldn’t use this type of resume.

Functional Resume

General Features: It emphasizes on important skills and strengths. It doesn’t contain special dates, names and places. And you don’t need to describe your information in detail. Actually, you emphasize your successes in this type of resume. Your aim is to emphasize your successes, strengths, etc. If you have enough work experiences and you work in some sectors, you can use this type of resume while you are writing your resume. This type of resume is used by new graduates, people who have limited work experience. It consists of your successes, not your schools’ names or university’s name.

Combined or Mixed Resume

It is a resume type which makes a combination of functional and chronological resume. This type of resume includes the applicant’s successes, occupational achievements and company and dates when the applicant works. You can show your work experiences and also how you can combine them with your new job. It emphasizes transferrable skills.

Competencies Oriented Resume

Lots of companies want to know what the applicant does in the companies which he or she worked before, and how he or she did in his or her pupilage years. In competencies oriented resume, the applicant’s successes and things which provide the applicant improves his or her skills and abilities, are emphasized. To create such resumes is quietly hard. Because you shouldn’t say that you have just some skills and you have to prove them by giving some examples from your business life.

Euro pass: Europe’s Resume

This type of resume is mostly used in Europe. It is just one model. In this type of resume, it is transferred the applicant’s academic background, work experience, skill, ability, perfection, language knowledge, academic successes, educational life, publications, articles and other information which can take attention of an employer. Its structure and designation is quietly specific and it doesn’t change, it tries to get easier to look for a new job.

Creative Resume

It is a type or resume which tries to take attention of a person who is responsible for choosing an applicant for a new job, there are various resume types which are related to the applicant’s sector, innovation and creativity.

Video Resume

As you understand from its name, this type of resume includes a video which includes the applicant’s history. You should be comfortable and relax in front of the camera.