Reference Letter and Examples


Firstly, you shouldn’t write a reference letter about a person who you don’t know well and you don’t want to advice to other workplaces. Not to write a reference letter is better than to write a reference letter without believing. You should mention clearly that how relationship you have with the person who you give a reference about him or her, when he or she works in your company, and his or her title.

A reference letter is the document which is written by your previous bosses or your previous teachers who you know well before. For example; if you want a reference letter for a job applicant, it should be mentioned about your characteristics related to that job. But if you want to a reference letter for an educational program, it should be mentioned about your educational characteristics. A reference letter is the most important material that will speed up employment agency. Reference letters which are written by your previous boss or your previous colleagues, will help the person who will take you to the job about his or her questions.

Reference letter is more practice and confidential method than writing a contact number or giving address, phone number and e-mail address. Especially, if the person who will take a reference, demand for that and if he or she has it, it is more confidential. Also, there is a big difference between a telephone conservation which you don’t know its content and a letter which you know what it is written and what its content is.

General Features of Reference Letters

  1. It is written to the applicant by a person who knows well or worked with together.
  2. It should take for 1 page.
  3. It is written with a content including a specific application, and it is current.
  4. The person should be chosen between people who have same educational statue or more successful.
  5. It is sent directly to the institution by the person writing the letter. (If you don’t want to use your sight right.)

How Should You Demand for A Reference Letter?

After you fill the necessary blanks, you give your form to your teachers or your bosses. So, you demand for your reference letter. If they think it is suitable to write a reference letter for you, they fill the necessary blanks on the form and then they write a letter for you, they offer it to you in a closed envelope.

Do Them!

  • Say with a suitable touch that which your characteristics should be emphasized to the person who will write your reference letter.
  • The person who will write your reference letter, may not know your all characteristics. So, you should prepare a document which is written your educational life (your studies, educations, certificates, etc.), your social activities, associations which you are member, etc. While you are preparing this document, you should consider work load of the person who will write your reference letter.
  • Maybe the person who will write your reference letter, may want to send directly to the authority or Human Resources Specialist or the company. So, you should prepare necessary e-mail addresses and the company’s address, contact information, etc.
  • Prefer people who know you well and know how to write a correct reference.

Don’t Do Them!

  • Don’t take a reference letter from someone who don’t know you well and are just famous people. Because the authority demands a well reference letter about you. He or she doesn’t look at whether the person who will write your reference letter, is famous or not.
  • Don’t write your reference letter yourself by using your previous boss. Because lots of companies generally send a thank you letter for the reference letter to companies.

A Format of a Reference Letter

A Reference Letter Format
A Reference Letter Format – gplusnick.com                 

If you need a reference letter, you can use this format. Firstly, you write date, name, position and return address. Then you use an addressing. If you don’t know the person’s name, you should use “To Whom It May Concern” as your addressing.

A Sample of a Reference Letter

A Sample Reference Letter
A Sample Reference Letter – www.sampletemplates.com

Writing Clues of Reference Letter

  • Mention about the responsibilities that he or she has at the company.
  • Mention about his or her contributions to the company.
  • Write about that person’s personality characteristics related about the job.
  • Mention about why the person leaves his or her job.
  • Finally mention about which positions he or she will be successful.
  • Add your contact information for him or her when it is necessary to be able to contact with you.

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