Points to Note in YouTube Banner Template

What is a YouTube banner template?

  • A banner is the first thing a user sees when he opens the YouTube channel page. Of course, the content of the channel is very important, but no one will argue with the fact that the first impression produced by the appearance of the banner can serve as an impulse for the viewer to get acquainted with the content of the channel or, conversely, not to do
  • According to statistics, any person makes a decision about viewing during the first few seconds, usually from 2 to 5, so it is so important to pay special attention to the selection and installation of a banner for YouTube.
  • In turn, the use of the banner template banner helps in the first place, to select an image or photo that is clearly suitable for the size, and secondly, it allows you to select a ready image that will correspond to the theme and direction of the channel. From this point of view, the use of templates is very convenient, since there is no need to waste time searching for an image, editing it, and so on.

Red Youtube Banner Templates

What’s the main points in the YouTube template banner?

The design of the channel can tell a lot about its owner. So, what’s the main thing that needs to contain the banner template?

First, the correct shape / size. The image display depends on this. Why is this happening? YouTube automatically translates the image you uploaded to various formats: full-screen TV, computer or any kind of device, based on the screen format.

Secondly, the name of the channel (the name of the author or project to which it is dedicated). This semantic information you should to write it in the center of the banner. Thus, users will see it on any types of screens.

And thirdly, your addresses or ways of communication in other social networks.

Grey Youtube Banner Template

What should not be in the YouTube banner template?

You do not have to choose the YouTube banner template, which is written in huge letters with a name, but the picture is so small that it is impossible to understand what is being depicted.

Do not choose a template banner, which has a logo, it is written “actual, fresh, useful”. And what exactly is going on is not clear. If we add to this the off-color fonts and not the most successful background, it becomes clear that such a banner template will not bring anything good, and the benefit from it will be extremely low.

Purple Youtube Banner Template

How to choose a YouTube banner template

Choose templates with bright details that match the goals of your channel. The banner template can also contain words-calls for action: “look, open the link”, etc. Such words at the subconscious level program a person to commit an action. And finally, use the YouTube banner template, which declares the uniqueness of your channel.